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Jun 12 2017

1997 Peugeot 406 Reviews, Page 2 of 10. #new #car #values

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Designed by masters, engineered by chimps



General Comments:

I d had a car a little over a month when I drove through about 9” of water for about 20m in a flood when it all went dead permanently. Apparently those lovely engineers at Peugeot decided to put the air intake just above just a few inches higher than the engine sump. Long story short, the cat sucked water in to the engine, and the H2O compression wrecked the engine. Peugeot said 6k and we will fit a new engine. The car cost 4.7k to buy; insurance gave me 4k.

1997 Peugeot 406 LX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Great car mechanically


Mechanically this car has been great. The only problem I have had on the last two MOTs is the exhaust for some reason blows from the manifold, and it has needed to go in the garage to have this fixed, due not being able to get at it myself.

I have replaced the back and middle box with no problems.

The only problems have been with the electrics, which are the speedo either failing to work or sticking just above 40.

They only thing I do recommend is don t use Peugeot dealers for servicing, as I found out with a 106. I had more problems after they had worked on it than before, and this was on every occasion, not just a one off. So this car has always been maintained since I have had it by myself or the local garage.

General Comments:

This car is just so comfortable. My next car is going to be a Peugeot 406/407 diesel.

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