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Oct 1 2017

IBSA: Home #master, #mba, #dual #degree, #double #degree, #specialization, #international, #one #year, #two #countries, #cultural

# Get Your MBA Master’s Degree With IBSA We’d Love To Help You Make The Most of Your Time Abroad Studying abroad is an exciting and challenging opportunity that gives rise to many justified questions. We understand that the visa application process can be confusing at times and that living in two different countries might entail experiencing culture shock. That’s why we’re here to help you with organizational matters as well as emotional support. What Are the Benefits of Studying Our Unique Program? Take a moment to listen to Robert Sheldon, associate professor at one of our IBSA partner universities, …

Oct 1 2017

Natural Beauty & Year-round Comfort of Southern Delaware #delaware #coast, #delaware #retirement, #retire #in #delaware,

# Location: Southern Delaware’s Splendor Natural Beauty Our coastline is well-preserved, with development guidelines that honor the existing landscape and protect the environment. The Natural Resources Defense Council’s 2010 beach quality report rates waterways across the country for the cleanliness of the water and their monitoring and public notification processes. Delaware waterways ranked #2 in the nation for water quality, second only to New Hampshire. By comparison, nearby New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey ranked 23rd, 21st and 14th respectively. Year-round comfort Since almost all of Delaware is a part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the effects of the ocean …

Oct 1 2017

Systems Audit – Definition of Systems Audit #system #audit

# systems audit auditing approach an approach to auditing that utilizes a systems approach . By using a systems audit to assess the internal control system of an organization, it is possible to assess the quality of the accounting system and the level of testing required from the financial statements. One shortcoming of systems audit is that it does not consider audit risk. Recommended Further Reading (Term count) Internal Auditors and Enterprise Risk Management by Ian Fraser Traditionally, internal auditors have been policemen, and their efforts have been concentrated on the more detailed, and arguably less appealing, aspects of financial …