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May 30 2017

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance in California

If you run a business that utilizes commercial vehicles, you are required to carry full commercial vehicle insurance or commercial auto insurance on all of those vehicles and RoadGaurd Insurance can help you obtain the best quotes for business auto insurance possible.

Commercial auto liability coverage provides protection for any business-owned or leased commercial vehicle. Policies for commercial auto insurance usually include collision and damage coverage as well as coverage for property and personal damage to others.

Just like you need an auto insurance policy for your own car, you need business auto insurance to cover your business-owned or leased vehicles in California, Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. If you, or any of your employees have an accident in your business’s car, you may be liable for bodily injuries, lost wages or any damage caused.

Typical coverage includes:

Bodily Injury Liability – Bodily Injury liability coverage is for damages that involve bodily injury to others for which you become responsible under law.

Property Damage Liability – Property damage liability coverage is for damage to property of others for which you become responsible under law.

Medical Payments – Medical payments car insurance is for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and funeral services for those who are accidentally injured while in your automobile or while getting into or out of your automobile.

Personal Injury Protection – Personal injury coverage is for medical, hospital, rehabilitation, loss of wages or loss of services costs resulting from injury to you or any resident family member. In case of death to the insured or a resident family member, death benefits and survivor benefits, if applicable, will be provided.

Other coverage that may be obtained include:

Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance protection is for the loss of or damage to your vehicle and its equipment from all causes except collision, subject to the deductible on the policy.

Collision – Collision coverage is protection for the collision damage to your automobile and its equipment, subject to the deductible on the policy.

Uninsured Motorist – Uninsured motorist insurance coverage allows you to recover bodily injury damages due to an accident where the other party does not have insurance, and is found legally liable.

Liability, Medical and Property Coverage for Business Auto Insurance Coverage

Underinsured Motorist – Underinsured motorist coverage allows you to recover bodily injury damages due to an accident where the other party is found legally liable and does not have adequate liability limits.

Additional Expense – Coverage for necessary additional expenses incurred as a result of a loss for which you are protected under comprehensive or collision coverage. These expenses include rental cars, food, lodging and other incidental expenses.

Hired Auto Liability Coverage – Hired auto liability coverage includes liability for automobiles hired under contract on behalf of or loaned to the named insured.

Hired Auto Physical Damage – Hired auto physical coverage is for an automobile of any type, hired, borrowed or leased on a short term basis for use in the insured’s business.

Employer’s Non-Ownership Liability – Employer s non-ownership liability coverage is for a private-passenger automobile used in the business of the named insured by any person, or the occasional and infrequent use of a commercial automobile in the business by any of your employees.

Road Guard Insurance is a California Car Insurance company. Our main offerings include: Car Insurance Policies and Car Insurance Quotes Online for cheap and low rate auto insurance in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and other California locations

Whether you call RoadGuard insurance for your quotes for insurance commercial vehicle quotes, cheap commercial cehicle insurance, business vehicle insurance, commercial auto insurance quotes, or other types of insurance, we are going to work with a comprehensive list of insurance providers to get you the best quotes possible.

We can provide you with an online insurance quote for every type of auto insurance coverage pertaining to commercial liability insurance, commercial motor vehicle insurance, commercial general liability insurance and more.

Let RoadGuard insurance help you obtain commercial vehicle insurance or commercial auto insurance quotes that are going to cover all of your commercial vehicles and drivers and keep your business auto insurance policies in full compliance with all state laws every single day of the year.

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