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Jan 30 2018

Back Pain After Gallbladder Surgery

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Back Pain After Gallbladder Surgery

Gallstones are the most common condition that the population in the United States suffers today. In fact figures showed that it causes over 800,000 hospitalizations every year with estimated cost of around five billion dollars. Over twenty million Americans are affected with this condition and around one million new cases come out every year.

This condition has higher presence in women since this is believe to be cause by obesity, multiple pregnancies and fast weight loss. According to records more than half a million individuals go through cholecystectomy that is removal of the gallbladder through surgery every year.

What is the function of Gallbladder in the body? Its normal function is to store bile that is produced by the liver and also to help in the absorption and digestion of fats in the small intestine. Gallstones actually comprise of solid forms of bile salts and cholesterol.

But research showed that most of these gallstones are eighty to ninety percent cholesterol gallstones which are form when the liver starts to secrete bile that is saturated with cholesterol. As a result the excess cholesterol will form into a crystal and then forms into stone which will be stored in the gallbladder. Gallstones can also form due to low levels of bile lecithin and bile acids.

In connection with cholesterol gallstones, a study is made and showed that consumption of onion and garlic may lessen the occurrence of cholesterol gallstone formation by forty percent (British Journal of Nutrition 2009 ).

Before, the most common type of treatment for gallstones was surgery called cholecystectomy which often involves a large cut in the abdomen to remove the gallbladder. This is quite painful and recovery from such procedure is quite hard and long. Today laparoscopic cholecystectomy is commonly performed. This usually requires a tiny cut only and you can go home the same day the surgery is perform. Gallbladder after surgery is much faster, less risk and complication and most of all short recovery period for the patient if the latter procedure is use.

Just like any major operations, gallbladder surgery has it own complications too and one of that is back pain after gall bladder surgery. Gall bladder back pain is a result from too much fatigue from the surgery that may result to cramps. Back pain surgery is a common complication. Patients after their surgery tend to bend in the abdomen and shoulders when they sit or walk so as to avoid pain. They are afraid to keep a straight body because of the cut from their surgery. This awkward position they have may lead to back pain.

Another reason for back pain after surgery is when some of the organs are shifted a little when the gallbladder is removed and this too can result to back pain. There are instances when infection develops thus there can be pain in the abdomen, chest and back after gallbladder surgery.

There are other complications that may arise from gallbladder surgery that is why most people would want to try alternative treatments aside from surgery. If you want to try alternative treatments then discuss it with your doctor. But if gallbladder pain is present then immediate medical attention may be needed.

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