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Sep 7 2018

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Online Trading Guide To The Stock Markets

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can acquire knowledge in the basics of trading and investing in stocks and shares online. Before we begin, you must first realize that successful stock trading requires a great amount of skill and a strong determination to “win”. Knowing this, it is of utmost importance that trading or investing be approached with a similar respect and intestinal fortitude as a medical student studying to become a top surgeon. To succeed in this business, it will require your utmost dedication, time and most of all your burning desire to be a successful trader/investor.

What is the Best Technical Analysis Charting Software?

The choice of the best technical analysis charting software very much depends on an investor’s, trader’s or chartist’s needs and trading style. The financial instrument traded does not really play a major part in the decision process as almost all technical analysis (TA) software can chart stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, futures and options without any problems. As long as basic OHLCV (Open, High, Low, Close, Volume) market data-feed is available, you’re in business. All the TA software discussed below are capable of displaying chart types like OHLC, Line and Candlesticks, and also various standard technical indicators like MACD. RSI. Stochastics. Moving Averages and Fibonaccis. to name a few. Some of these software also contain some esoteric technical indicators like Bressert DSS, Woodie’s pivots and Andrew’s Pitchfork .

Dual or Multi-Monitor Laptop for Stock Trading

Make sure you read How To Choose a Laptop for Stock Trading to find out what the latest laptop features and specifications which are important for trading. Also go to Best Laptops for Stock Trading to get a glimpse of some great laptops for trading, within the various price ranges.

The days of traders confined to their homes or offices are long gone. More and more successful traders and investors take their mobile trading platforms and trading charting software with them to wherever they want to be at a particular period in time. Mobile computer systems have really grown up and now allow you the capability to have multiple monitors connected to your laptop, notebook or netbook. There are a few ways that you can get your laptop to display on multi-monitors as follows:

Computer Hardware Guide for Trading Stocks, Futures, Forex and Options

This article aims to consolidate and organize all the various discussions available on this site which aim to help a trader set up a reliable computer system for trading the global financial markets. If you are new to the markets, read the Online Stock Trading Guide. which gives a good overview on how to trade stocks and shares. This will aid you in making an informed decision on what kind of trading you want to pursue, be it fast paced daytrading or longer time frame swing trading. Also make sure you are familiar with some of the best stock trading software which will allow you to perform real-time technical analysis or even identify patterns, using neural networks and artificial intelligence, within any financial trading instrument like stocks, futures, forex etc. These background reads should equip you with sufficient knowledge to help you in your search to identify a cost effective, reliable and stable computer system.

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