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Feb 28 2018

Best Forex Robot Making Real Pips Right Now – October 2017, best forex brokers.#Best #forex

Best Forex Robot Making Real Pips October 2017

Best forex brokers

September 2017 was a huge month in forex trading. Piles of quality trades were just ripe for the taking. But don t forget: October is typically one of the biggest trading months of the year. The last few days have had some of the best forex robot action we ve seen in a while. But without a forex robot you re missing out on some easy pips. Let s look at the top three forex robots actually making money right now.

Best forex robot overall: Odin Forex Robot

Odin has quickly become the best forex robot of 2017. It s the top choice for professionals right now due to its solid grid trading strategy and powerful features. It comes optimized for over 22 different currency pairs. Most of all its tight stop loss and take profit levels keep your account safe. As a result it found over $174,016 in forex trades during September.

Best forex brokers

The Odin Forex Robot plots price in real time to find the best entry and exit points automatically.

Best forex brokers

Odin s equity curve has minimal drawdown thanks to its tight stops.

Using Odin is simple and straightforward. It runs inside the MetaTrader 4 forex terminal. Most forex brokers offer free demo accounts you can sign up for instantly. With MetaTrader 4 installed you simply drop Odin into place and attach it to a forex chart. After that everything is fully automatic. We highly recommend Odin to all forex traders regardless of skill level.

Biggest forex trades: Vader Forex Robot

Vader is a proven EA with years of live account experience. Advanced new features and a solid Fibonacci strategy make it a reliable choice for all users. It runs the brand new Gryphon Trading Engine 3 with over 30 new features, upgrades, and enhancements not available anywhere else. It also found over $136,850 in automated forex trades in September.

Best forex brokers

The Vader Forex Robot cuts your charts into pieces using daily fib levels.

Best forex brokers

Vader is a reliable performer with steady account gains and sound money management.

You can use Vader on demo or live forex accounts out of the box. It also comes with free updates for life. That means you never have to pay for future updates or setting changes. All of these features and its reliable performance make it one of the best forex robots currently available.

Best forex strategy: Ganon Forex Robot

Ganon is the best forex robot for trading smart trends. Its new technology and features put it ahead of traditional expert advisors. It s also the only EA out there using the newly developed Strand Theory™ code base. This new logic enables it to filter out noise on charts and find those big trends. In September it found over $119,225 in automated forex trades.

Best forex brokers

The Ganon Forex Robot takes your charts and tears them wide open using powerful new features like Strand Theory™.

Best forex brokers

Ganon is actively traded on over 2,000 live forex accounts daily.

Ganon also comes with full support from its developers. You ll receive help every step of the way. Including custom settings, installation help, strategy guides, and troubleshooting. Simply contact us for anything you might need.

Safe trading with any forex account size

All three forex robots work with any account size. So you can trade mini, micro, or full size lots. Mini lots allow you to start with as little as $100. And demo accounts let you test and go live later on. These forex bots determine the safest lot size for your account balance. Over-trading your account is nearly impossible due to built in margin checks. And safe money management routines are directly inside the software.

Choosing a forex broker

These bots run inside the MetaTrader 4 forex terminal. It s easily the most supported forex terminal in the world. Hundreds of brokers offer this platform for free to use with both demo and live accounts. Any broker that offers MetaTrader 4 will work well with these forex bots. Both 4 and 5 digit brokers are fully supported.

Best forex brokers

Any currency pair with a good spread is a good choice for Odin. So finding the best pairs to use is easy.

Choosing the best forex pairs

The best pair is typically the one with the lowest spread. Less spread means less pips you have to recover on each trade. Otherwise any pair will do. Gold and oil are supported too but typically have very high spreads. It s best to start with 2 or three pairs and add more as you go along.

Finding the best forex robot for you

All of these expert advisors are solid choices for any trader who wants software that actually works. But if you re looking for the best forex robot, choose Odin. If bigger trades are your thing stick with Vader. And for the best strategy go with Ganon. It d be hard to go wrong whatever you decide.

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