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Jun 12 2017

Best Student Credit Cards for 2015 #annual #free #credit

#best student credit cards

Best Student Credit Cards for 2015

Finding the best credit cards aimed at college students can help make your college experience both more affordable and more rewarding.

College offers students new opportunities every day. New friendships are forged, careers are chosen and independence blossoms. This is the perfect time to begin building your credit and learn money management skills that will serve you for life, too. Every purchase from books to pizza can help establish the type of credit score needed to purchase your future car or home.

​Student cards are primarily geared towards those with little to no credit history, making it very important to find the right card.

Some cards targeting those with limited credit have pitfalls and hidden fine print. This is why we are constantly sorting through hundreds of these offers, and hand select the best student credit cards, which are then reviewed below.

Unfortunately, there is a trend in the last few years to cut back or discontinue rewards cards aimed at college students. But there are still some available.

The student cards we try to include on this page have good rewards programs, low fees for credit cards targeted at those with limited credit, and no traps or hidden fees. Regardless, it’s always important to read the fine print before applying!

We also recommend using your student credit card responsible. It can be a great way to build credit and qualify for even superior rewards cards when you graduate.

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