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May 31 2017

Best Used Cars Under $5, 000 – Motor Pros #cheap #used #cars #for #sale

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Best Used Cars Under $5,000

Face it: 5 grand is not a huge budget for a car. But that doesn t mean you re destined to drive a rusty, worn out car without a heater. There are great deals to be had at used car lots all across the country, you just have to know what you are looking for. Take your time when shopping and use this article as a quick guide to finding the best used cars under $5,000.

Best Used Car Options for Under $5,000

Early 2000’s Honda CR-V

Honda is known for building vehicles to last, so purchasing an older CR-V is a great option to get into a quality vehicle that is only less-expensive because of its age. This model of CR-V will get you excellent gas mileage, which is not something you are likely to find in many other used cars. Also, the safety rating of Honda vehicle is legendary, so you can put the whole family inside this one with confidence.

Late ‘90’s Subaru Outback

Much like Honda, Subaru has a great reputation for building vehicles that last. Also, they have a similarly impressive track record in the area of safety. If you need to haul the family around but want to avoid the cost and bulk of a big SUV, this wagon is the way to go. You will get nice gas mileage, reliable performance, and room enough for the whole family plus cargo in the back.

Early to Mid-2000’s Toyota Camry

If you just want a standard family sedan that is a useful all-around car, you can’t do much better than the Toyota Camry. Just as with the two carmakers above, Toyota engines are well-known for their ability to keep on running mile after mile. The Camry also has a slightly larger 4-cylinder engine that others in the class, making it capable of more acceleration and a better driving experience.

Late ‘90’s Honda Odyssey

Sometimes, only a minivan will get the job done when it comes to hauling around family and gear wherever life takes you. The Honda is a great choice for a used van because, again, it will provide impressive durability even as the miles add up. These vans are quite expensive new, so getting one used for under $5,000 is a great opportunity.

There is no reason to settle for a piece of junk vehicle, even if you are only shopping with a $5,000 budget. Any of these vehicles listed above, or other models from those makers, would be excellent choice. Shop around, take your time, and you will be amazed at the kind of deals that you are able to uncover.

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