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May 31 2017

Breast Pump Rentals #condo #rent

#breast pump rental

Breast Pump Rentals

The following Medela brand Breast Pumps are available for renting:

Lactina Breast Pump

Ideal for Long-Term and Frequent Pumping

Lactina Breast Pumps are ideal for long-term and frequent pumping, making them a favorite of working mothers. Versatile and compact, the Lactina is lightweight and highly portable.

Choose from two models: the Lactina Select or the Lactina Plus. For the ultimate in pumping comfort and efficiency, the Lactina Select allows you to select both the speed of the pump and the amount of vacuum.

The Lactina’s physiological Autocycle ™ pumping action is almost identical to baby’s natural sucking action. The Lactina’s built-in vacuum release protects you against excessive or prolonged suction.

Classic Breast Pump

Suits a Variety of Pumping Needs

The Classic Breast Pump is ideal for long-term separations between mother and baby and for frequent pumping. The pump features physiological Autocycle ™ action, which simulates a baby’s natural sucking pattern. The adjustable vacuum protects mothers from excessive or prolonged suction.

All Classic Breast Pumps can be used for single or double pumping with Medela’s Advanced Collection ™ accessory kits. Simultaneously double pumping both breasts cuts pumping time in half, and can help increase your milk-producing hormone.

Symphony Breast Pump

The Symphony pump uses a two-phase pumping program that offers an initial, rapid rhythm to promote “Let-Down” and then a slower, deeper rhythm for efficient milk expression.

Includes Pumping Program with options for both automatic and manual switching between pumping phases, based on moms’ needs. Pumping Programs are stored on a Program Card, allowing further Pumping Programs to be implemented in the future by releasing alternate Program Cards as research supports it.

For moms’ convenience, one knob combines vacuum level and the number of cycles per minute in the expression phase. Moms can switch between single and double pumping simply by adding or removing the second Pump Collection Set. Specially designed membrane separates Pump Collection Set from pump mechanism, ensuring unmatched overflow protection without compromising vacuum capacity. LCD Display indicates pumping phase, vacuum level, battery status, and other handling and service information. Whisper-quiet.

Available in both a standard and a rechargeable-battery version.

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