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Jul 31 2017

Business Grade High Speed Internet #business #grade #internet

We offer comprehensive support, premium service and industry-leading technology solutions for small and medium businesses. With custom packages, domains, web-hosting and specialist engineers available at your request, we deliver on your needs now and grow to scale as they expand.

  • Enterprise Government Solutions

    From elite network protection with our DDoS mitigation platform to superior data recovery and backup solutions, we service the full spectrum of commercial IT needs. We engineer and manage comprehensive service programs designed to alleviate risk, ensure compliance and streamline operations.

    Regardless of the size of your organisation or requirements, our specialist architects design and implement solutions to deliver results. The ultimate objective of every solution is to boost the productivity and profitability of your operating environment.

    Business Grade
    High Speed Internet

    Our transit network ensures your organisation is online and operating at the highest level. Over the last five years, we have proudly developed a network that is currently ranked as the largest peered network in Australia, out of more than 2,000+ networks, connected to 1,600 peers globally. Our Business Grade High Speed Internet offering is powered by this multi-million dollar international fibre-optic network.

    The result is consistent, premium business-grade performance, 24/7.

    Call us today for a quote on enterprise level connectivity 1300 769 972.

    High speed, premium quality connections.

    Our offerings deliver high-throughput, low latency bandwidth and enterprise quality data capacity for every requirement: from small businesses to corporate organisations, government and large-scale business environments.

    Micron21 services can be configured up to 10,000Mbps and the speed can be symmetrical in some deployments (ensuring that upload and download speeds are close to identical). Our High Speed Internet services are delivered all across Australia, via fixed wireless, Ethernet, Copper or Fibre connection.

    As a result, Micron21 Business Grade Internet perfectly accommodates a variety of environments. It is particularly suited to businesses that require frequent large file transfers, significant media streaming capability, or large numbers of simultaneous users.

    It is also an ideal option for clients seeking to leverage cost savings over existing legacy Megalink, SHDSL, BDSL or ISDN services, who require increased internet capacity beyond 10Mbps where competitive infrastructure is unavailable.

    High Speed Wireless

    High Speed Wireless

  • With a premium quality high speed network, we provide enterprise-level wireless connectivity.

  • In a typical commercial IT operating environment, multiple computers commonly connect to a switch and single ADSL modem. In this scenario, network speed relies on Australian ADSL. As a result, performance and employee productivity is hampered by slow upload times and medium-to-slow downloads.

  • For improved performance, leverage the network power of a Micron21 switch and Network Termination Unit. Provide a high-speed enterprise level connection for multiple employees, with rapid and symmetrical services where upload and download times are close to identical.

  • The Network Termination Unit connects via Ethernet to a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Wifi Dish.

  • Multiple CPEs, from various offices, connect to the Micron21 communications tower. Standing over 24 metres tall, the tower hosts MIMO-8 access points and antennas.

  • The communications tower connects directly to the Micron21 Tier 4 Data Centre to leverage the Micron21 network. As a result, businesses with co-located equipment can secure direct connection to high-speed premium wireless broadband internet.

    Why Micron21 Business Grade Internet?

    • Select your bandwidth from a range of access services.
    • 99% service level agreement.
    • Bandwidth scalable as business requirements grow and change.
    • Detailed reporting capability allows you to gauge and manage growth.
    • Bandwidth capacity can be upgraded with 30 days’ notice.
    • Cost-effective internet transit sold on usage, or committed megabits.

    More on the Micron21 high-speed enterprise connection:

    • Permanent, reliable internet connection with static IP addresses.
    • Highly secure and reliable multi-homed connection.
    • Connect into your private IP network.
    • 24 hour monitoring, fault detection and support via our Micron21 Operations Centre.
    • Internet and layer2 speeds from 10Mbps up to 10,000Mbps.
    • Ability to run a complete Voice Over IP (VOIP) solution with quality of service (QoS).
    • Route your own APNIC IP address allocations along with established BGP services.

    Some services are not available in all areas.

    Networking Services

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