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May 29 2017

Buying or Leasing a Vehicle #take #over #car #payments

#leasing a car

Buying or Leasing a Vehicle

There are a number of things to consider when buying or leasing a new or used car. While the Attorney General’s Office cannot provide legal advice, we encourage you to review the tips and resources below and read the provided by the Massachusetts Consumers’ Coalition before you complete your transaction.

3-day Right to Cancel

You do not have a 3-day right to cancel your purchase of a new or used vehicle if you are unhappy with the vehicle. The 3-day right to cancel generally applies only to mortgage refinancing, health club memberships, and timeshare purchases. In addition, it may also apply to contracts over $25 for personal or household purposes negotiated and signed away from the seller’s principal place of business (such as in your home or at a home show, for example). However, you should still review all the terms of the vehicle sales contract or other written agreement to see if there are any clauses that would allow you to cancel the contract after it has been signed.

Lemon Law

You should also be aware of the provisions of the Massachusetts Lemon Laws. which provide protection for purchasers of new and used cars. The Attorney General’s Office takes formal complaints against vehicle dealers or manufacturers regarding violations of the Lemon Laws. You may file a complaint with our Consumer Protection Division, or contact our Public Inquiry Assistance Center Hotline at (617) 727-8400.

For additional information about Lemon Laws and arbitration, visit the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations website .

Additional Laws and Resources

The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation provides a comprehensive website with information on many areas of auto- and consumer-related issues, such as lemon laws, buying and selling, auto repair, auto insurance, and much more.

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