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Jun 7 2018

California Department of Industrial Relations – Labor Compliance Programs

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  1. Public Works

Labor Compliance Programs: Office of the Director

This page has information about and resources for Awarding Body Labor Compliance Programs (LCPs) that are approved by the Director of Industrial Relations to monitor and enforce prevailing wage requirements on public works projects, as described in Labor Code section 1771.5 (b).

If you are looking for general information about labor laws or labor law enforcement, go to the Labor Commissioner s webpage .

DIR Approval of Labor Compliance Programs (LCPs)

The Director of Industrial Relations only approves and regulates awarding body LCPs that are required or authorized by state statutes. As of 2016, LCPs were only required for public works projects funded by Proposition 84 (Safe Drinking Water, etc. Bond Act of 2006) as well as for certain older projects under a handful of other statutes. DIR also continues to oversee four Legacy LCPs that were approved prior to 2000. The Director does not approve or regulate any other LCPs or other types of compliance monitoring programs or consultants.

Legacy LCPs
DIR oversees four legacy LCPs that monitor and enforce compliance on all of their own public works projects, and are subject to higher prevailing wage exemptions under Labor Code section 1771.5(a). Projects under one of these programs may be exempted from having to furnish certified payroll records directly to the Labor Commissioner. The following links are to the websites of these LCPs.

Revised March 28, 2016

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