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May 27 2017

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Car insurance policy is mandatory for car owners as per Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1988, so select it wisely. This Plan is designed to give coverage for losses which insured might incur in case his vehicle gets stolen or damaged. The amount of motor insurance premium is decided based on the Insured Declared Value of a car. The premium will increase, if you raise the IDV limit and vice versa. Compare car insurance quotes online before purchasing a new plan or going for a car insurance renewal.

Key Features of Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance offers the below mentioned key benefits:

• Policy protection against loss or damage to the covered vehicle

• Coverage against financial liability caused due to injury or death of a third party or damage to the property.

• Coverage against loss or damage to insured vehicle caused by theft, self-ignition, accident, fire, riots, explosion, natural calamities,

act of terrorism or strikes.

• Personal Accident Coverage.

Types of Car Insurance

Mainly, there are three types of motor insurance:

Collision Coverage

It financially protects the policyholder against damage of insured’s own car. Collision coverage pays the policyholder for damage caused because of collision which generally occurs due to an accident. Loss or damage because of vandalism or theft

Third Party Liability Coverage

This vehicle insurance type offers coverage against all legal liabilities to a third party caused when insured is at-fault driver. It insures injury/damage caused by policyholder to third person or property. In India, third party liability coverage is legally compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Comprehensive Coverage

This extensive coverage includes damage or theft of vehicle, personal accident coverage and third party legal liability. Insured can further extend this coverage by selecting for add-ons like engine protector, medical expenses, zero depreciation cover, accessories cover etc. Under this insurance, policyholders feel less stressful as it gives end-to-end coverage.


• Loss or damage to the covered vehicle because of earthquake, cyclone, fire, flood, strikes, terrorism, accident, riots etc

• Loss or damage to the covered vehicle due to accident by external means

• Loss or damage to the covered vehicle because of transit by rail, air or lift, inland waterways, road

• Personal accident coverage for car owner and driver

The policy gives financial support for demise or death sustained by the owner or driver of the covered vehicle because of an accidental, visible, external and violent means while travelling in the car.

• Property Damage Liability

Compensation for liability or damage to other’s property will be taken by this coverage.

• Third Party Bodily Injury Liability

It gives compensation for liability or damages which causes bodily injury or demise of another person because of a car accident.


• Damage or loss in case a policy is not active

• Gradual wear and tear of vehicle and its parts

• Loss or damage to covered vehicle when driven by a person without a valid driving license

• Loss or damage to covered vehicle caused by a driving person who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc.

• Loss or damage to covered vehicle because of abuse of car manufacturer’s rules

Document Checklist

Getting your vehicle covered needs submission of certain documents. To buy a new plan, customers must submit the correctly filled application form along with the copy of the Registration Certificate. For affordable car insurance policy renewal, you need to submit the copy of previous policy along with RC copy and other necessary documents based on the plan.

Claim Settlement Process

For cashless claim settlement, intimate your car insurance claim by contacting your insurance company in India. Then, insurer will register the claim and give you the claim registration number for all future references. Always provide your correct details, including date and time of loss, extent of injury if any, nature of loss, date and time of loss, contact number, policy and cover note number and vehicle, chassis and engine number etc.

Then, send your car to the nearest garage for repair and carry all the important claim documents. The list of documents includes duly filled claim application and signed by policyholder, self-attested photocopy of RC book and original for verification, self-attested photocopy of driver’s license and original for verification, FIR copy in case of major damage or third party injury/third party damage, theft of vehicle, death, and damage due to strike, malicious act and riot. Any additional documents needed on a case to case basis.

For claim settlement, surveyor will inspect your damaged vehicle at the garage within one working day and give his approval after assessment. Once repair is done, vehicle will be released after insured’s confirmation that the vehicle is satisfactorily repaired. As insurers have a tie-up with preferred garages, so they directly settle the claim with the garage. If the amount is not recoverable under the car insurance policy, then you only have to pay for it.

Those who want to apply for reimbursement claim must notify about the accident to insurer and then the vehicle is inspected by a surveyor appointed by insurance company in India. Submit original repair invoice along with payment receipt to the nearest branch of the insurer.

Why is Online Car Insurance Comparison Necessary?

It saves a substantial amount of your hard-earned money and provides you better coverage choices. When you receive quotes on PolicyBoss, you could even save up to 60 percent online. Compare car insurance quotes and make an informed decision while buying a policy. Online comparison is very much necessary to know your plan correctly before buying.

We provide the most comprehensive car insurance online which fulfill their specific insurance needs. PolicyBoss offers online add-on services for our clients along with competitive prices for motor insurance. Our dedicated claim management team makes claim procedures hassle-free for our customers. specializes in giving best vehicle insurance plans for those who usually paid high premiums.

Key Benefits of Car Insurance from PolicyBoss

• Easy Cashless Claim*

• Lowest quote with zero depreciation

• Theft, burglary, third-party coverage and all

• Cover against accidents, and natural calamities and man-made calamities

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