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May 19 2017

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Travel with Less Hassle with Cheap Bus Tickets

Gas prices continue to sky-rocket and the costs of owning a car keep rising too. Many people are looking to save money on their daily commutes and when traveling by taking the bus instead. The bus can be a wise financial decision and is also an environmentally friendly choice. It is even possible to find cheap bus tickets to further reduce the expense of mass transit, making this economically wise.

Pay Less by Saving with Discounts

Many bus lines offer discounts to professional associations, military, veterans, students, the elderly and children. In fact, young children can often ride free with a paying adult or two-for-one specials are available. Students are usually required to have a valid student ID that has a current photo in order to get special rates. The elderly or military personnel must also provide proof of age or service. Be sure to inquire if there are cheap bus tickets discounts available and what information is needed to get them when purchasing tickets.

Make Plans and Purchase Tickets Early

Another way to get cheap bus tickets is to start planning the trip early. Once a destination is determined, begin searching for the best rates with several different companies that travel to that location. The bus companies reward passengers who shop in advance with lower ticket prices. Advanced bookings help them to plan their routes and schedule their staff where they are needed. Those travelers who plan ahead can get better rates.

Shop Using Regional Bus Companies

When searching for a bus company, explore using a regional bus company. Many local companies like BoltBus or Chinatown Bus offer cheaper fares than national bus companies. Ticket prices for these services can be as low as $1 on long-distance trips. Many of these companies are also offering expanded routes as more passengers begin to utilize their services for traveling. There are many companies available, and a little research can help determine what their routes are and which ones have the best prices available.

Plan Ahead for Regular Travel on the Bus

Frequent travelers may want to consider purchasing a bus pass on a particular bus line to get cheap bus tickets. A monthly pass will allow for several trips at one set price. This is ideal for those who need to travel for business, or for those who travel on the bus for commuting. Applicable discounts can be applied to these passes as well. In addition, many companies offer a company discount or subsidy for employees who utilize public transportation to get to work.

Fortunately with an increase in competition, it is easier than ever to find cheap bus tickets. People are beginning to enjoy this cost effective form of transportation as a way to save money on their travel needs. In fact, bus travel costs significantly less than air travel or auto travel. Buses also service towns that are frequently not serviced by major airlines and passengers do not need to deal with the headache of driving in congested traffic or the cost of gas.

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