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Aug 29 2017

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Cheap Car Shipping | Affordable Prices, Rates Quotes!

Cheap Car Shipping or Would You Like Affordable Car Shipping?

When you think to yourself, “I want to ship my car for cheap”, you’re not really looking for cheap car shipping services, right? As with any service, when you look for low prices, you still want to maintain quality.

While you search for cheap car shipping. it’s critical to work with a professional broker that can find you reliable and professional carriers with comprehensive credentials. Any transporter that you select or that is recommended to you for the cheapest car shipping should be licensed, bonded, insured, and compliant with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a branch of the Transportation Department).

If you partner with a broker possessing experience and expertise shipping cars for cheap, they will provide you with a great deal for their car transport rates rather than an introduction to a headache.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car?

The immediate answer to this question is simple: open car shipping is the most affordable car shipping service. Note that you still want to avoid proximity to the holidays, when prices rise on all packages.

Also keep in mind that although this option offers cheap car transport, it is best for those who have flexibility within their schedules. You need to be able to allow a 3 to 5 day window for the pickup of the vehicle.

If you are in a metropolitan area, you will sometimes need to have the availability to take the vehicle to a location outside the city, since the cheapest way to ship a car requires easy street maneuverability.

Cheap Car Shipping Companies When You Should Avoid Them

For obvious reasons, you want to avoid cheap car shipping companies that have bad ratings from their customers. Typically carriers will get negative reviews for raising prices unexpectedly; failing to pick up the vehicle during the designated window; or damaging or losing vehicles (as with the hundreds of problems experienced by military personnel from a new international shipping contractor in 2014). TransportReviews is a great website that showcases company reviews.

Also, as indicated above, avoid even the cheapest car shipping company as they probably aren t bonded or insured like the best, quality companies working with us.

Finally, you want to be wary of the cheapest car shipping companies that do not ask you questions. The more details they request about your transport and your schedule, the better. It’s a strong indication they care about you and your business.

Cheap Car Shipping Prices, Rates Quotes, Oh My!

Part of success in choosing cheap car shipping quotes is a sense of boundaries and reasonable expectations.

You should never have to pay a deposit (which requires you to sign a contract and provide credit card information) upfront. You also should not have to experience a set deposit amount. It’s possible for even the most honest haulers to request extra money, and with a flexible deposit, your cheap car shipping rates won’t rise.

Our extensive network of legitimate and well-rated carriers allows us to collect 3 to 5 cheap car shipping quotes for any route, which in turn gives you the lowest and most affordable prices and quotes. Get an instant quote by filling out the form now. Or call us at 866.744.2540.

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