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Aug 29 2017

Chicago vs. St. Louis #auto #style

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Chicago vs. St. Louis

Posted by: Erika Kubik On Feb 15, 2015

As an STL girl, Chicago has always been the rival. All of us in the Show-Me-State prefer our pizza with a thin crust, and we only root for our Redbirds, Rams, and Blues, so having to support the Windy City in their Auto Show was asking quite a bit from a St. Louis native.

I ve attended the St. Louis Auto Show and coinciding charity event several times before and have always been impressed, thinking there was nothing that could top this, because my city never does wrong.

I ve always heard the claims that the Chicago Auto Show was bigger and far better, but sticking to my roots, I always discredited these ideas – that is, until I set foot into McCormick Place earlier this week.

All of the lights, cars, and even the giant Chicago Auto Show Globe took my breath away.

There were more manufacturers, more models, more vendors, and significantly more people than my city s show. I was blown away. I didn t think Chicago could ever trump St. Louis on anything, but boy, was I wrong.

The show had so much to offer, and led me to have a change in heart. Maybe Chicago wasn t so bad after all. I may not like Cubs, Bears, Bulls, or my pizza in a deep dish, but I could definitely appreciate this city s auto show. St. Louis will always be my first love, but after my experience at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, I ve saved a piece of my heart for the Windy City.

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