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May 29 2017

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Citi Financial Student Loans

CitiGroup used to be a major player in the private student loan market, but it no longer offers student loans. With the 2008-9 recession, Citi began tapering its student lending business, as credit restrictions grew higher and the overall lending landscape virtually dried up compared to how it had been several years earlier. Now, Citi no longer participates in the student loan business.

When they existed, Citi student loans were a high-quality option for students looking to cover their college costs. Now that Citi Financial is no longer a student lender, students need to choose from a pool of other lending options.

Federal, Federal, Federal

When you’re looking for funding options for college. there’s one rule you should live by: always exhaust your federal options first. Student aid lending from the federal government have interest rates and borrower benefits that are light-years better than some private loans, and it’s generally easier to deal with the federal loan program than it is to work with private lenders.

If you find that you’ve used all of the federal aid money that you can leverage in a given academic year, it’s time to turn to private student loans as a means of bridging the financial gap between your aid package, federal loans. and the total cost of college for that year.

If you’re in the market for a private student loan, check out our comparison tool. You can use it to search for private loans at any given amount, and you can see the loans available to you based on the amount you need and the school you attend. You can even compare a variety of options side-by-side, so you understand the total cost of a given loan, what the repayment schedule will eventually be like, and so forth.

Citi student loans are no longer available to students, but there are plenty of good funding options out there. Check out our comparison tool, and find the option that’s right for you today.

Frequently Asked Questions Can you tell me about Citi Financial student loans?

Citi Financial no longer offers student loans. But they did offer a broad range of loans options for various students. These loans had varying terms and conditions and students could pick a loan according to their circumstances and needs. Some of the available loan options were: undergraduate, graduate. law. bar exam, health professions, and residency, relocation and bar review.

Why should I opt for Citi Student Loans?

Citi Financial no longer offers student funding. But there were a number of lending options available for students, including Citi Student Loans. These were a great financing option, as you didn t have to start paying the loan back immediately. You could defer payments until your education was complete. They also came with convenient interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

Did I need a co-signer when applying for Citibank student loans?

Citibank no longer offers student loans. But a co-signer was required when applying for Citibank student loans. However, students could also apply for Citibank loans on their own if they had a good credit history. The co-signer had to be a U.S. citizen with a satisfactory credit history. Note: the credit history will be taken seriously, as the cosigner will be partly responsible.

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