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Jul 31 2017

Cleaning Instructions – BUNN Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions, Bunn Cleaning Manuals, Bunnomatic How To Clean,


Daily washing and cleaning of the brew funnel and decanter after each use is required.

Occasionally, wipe the outside of the brewer, including the area above the funnel, with mild, no citrus added dish soap and a damp cloth.

The brew funnel and decanter are top rack dishwasher safe. Please see page 9 for instructions on cleaning your thermal carafe.

You should delime your BUNN brewer to clear any deposits that may have accumulated due to impurities in the water source. The frequency of deliming depends on the mineral content of your water.

NOTE – Unplug the brewer and let it cool down before deliming.

1. Remove the sprayhead by turning with your fingertips and set it aside.

2. Insert all but two inches of the flexible deliming tool (supplied) into the sprayhead tube. Call 800-352-2866 or visit for a replacement deliming tool.

3. Slide the tool in and out five or six times to loosen lime in the sprayhead tube. You may need to twist, push and use some force when inserting the tool, then remove.

4. Prior to replacing sprayhead, pour one decanter of fresh water into the brewer. Position empty decanter on the brewer and close the lid. Water will flow into decanter.

5. Check the holes of the sprayhead. If plugged with mineral deposits or white flakes, they may be cleared by using a toothpick. Clean the sprayhead with a cloth and mild detergent. Rinse the sprayhead with water, then reinstall. Empty water from decanter.

6. Plug in the brewer and allow the water in the tank to reheat before using (approximately 15 minutes).

You should clean your BUNN brewer at least every 3 months. The frequency of cleaning depends on the mineral content of your water.

1. Slide an empty brew funnel into the brewer under the sprayhead and center an empty decanter on the base plate.

2. Open the lid and pour one quart of white vinegar into the top of the brewer; close the lid. Empty the decanter when liquid stops flowing from the funnel.

3. Allow the brewer to sit plugged in for two hours.

4. Unplug the brewer. Remove the brew funnel and sprayhead from the brewer. Clean the sprayhead with a cloth and mild detergent.

5. To drain the brewer, continue to Step 6, OR to clear vinegar out of brewer without draining, pour a decanter of fresh, cold water through the brewer. With funnel in place, position decanter on base plate, then close the lid to allow the water to run through the brewer. After it has run through, empty decanter and repeat the process approximately 8 – 10 times.

Proceed to Step 9.

6. Cool the brewer by pouring a full decanter of fresh, cold water into the top of the brewer. Place decanter on the base plate and close the lid. When water has stopped flowing from the brewer, empty the decanter. Repeat this process and set the decanter aside.

7. Grasp the back of the brewer and turn it upside down over a sink. Most of the water in the tank will flow from the sprayhead tube opening. Some water may flow from the area around the top lid. Continue tipping the brewer until the flow stops.

8. Pour a decanter of water into the top of the brewer. Place the decanter on the base plate; close the lid and wait 3 minutes. Repeat this process with another decanter of water. Water will flow out of the funnel after the second decanter has been poured in. When flow from the funnel has stopped, empty the decanter and pour an additional decanter of water into the brewer. Place the decanter on the base plate and close lid.

9. Replace the sprayhead and funnel. Pour additional decanters of fresh, cold water into the brewer as needed until the water has no vinegar taste.

10. Place decanter on base plate and plug in the brewer. Allow the water in the tank to reach brewing temperature before using (approximately 15 minutes).


The carafe may be disassembled for cleaning. Rotate the lid counterclockwise to remove. Occasionally, the FlavorGard valve should be removed and cleaned. Lift at the edge and pull up. After rinsing, replace by aligning the tab on the FlavorGard valve with the slot inside the carafe lid and press in place. Use of a mild, non-abrasive detergent is recommended. Do not use a scrub pad or other abrasive cleaning device, as this will scratch the stainless steel surface. The brew funnel and carafe are top-rack dishwasher safe.

To remove coffee stains from inside the thermal carafe, place a paper filter in the funnel and pour in one teaspoon of Cascade powder dishwasher detergent into the paper filter. Slide funnel onto the rails and open brewer lid. Pour one carafe of cold water into brewer. Position carafe on base plate of brewer and close lid. When brewing cycle has stopped, remove the brew funnel and discard the filter and detergent; rinse funnel thoroughly. Allow carafe to sit for 10-15 minutes. Using a long handled, soft bristled brush, clean inside of carafe as well as the outer rim to remove any coffee stains or debris. Occasionally scrub the carafe pour lip and the area around it, including the lid, with a mild detergent and warm water. Use a soft cloth and scrub hard. When finished, pour out solution into sink and thoroughly rinse carafe and lid with clean water.

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