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Jun 10 2017

Coldwell Banker Real Estate signs, Open House Signs #real #estate #maine

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Coldwell Banker Real Estate signs, Open House Signs

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are a backbone to the real estate industry, when driving around the city there is hardly anything more recognizable. Coldwell Banker has an easy to recognize white background with their blue logo on the sign. By using such recognizable signs people passing a Coldwell Banker Real Estate sign will be easily able to identify that the property is for sale and by who.

To help improve the benefits of your real estate sign it is important to ensure proper placement. It should be placed somewhere where both foot traffic and car traffic can see it going in both directions. It is best if the sign is straight on if you are walking normally down the sidewalk instead of being at an angle. It is important to also pay attention to local and state laws for proper placement.

The original Coldwell Banker real estate sign featured two-dimensional text in the serif font Berkeley Black. The Berkley Black font is very popular among Coldwell agents and has a fancy appearance that is considered classic. When Coldwell Banker introduced three-dimensional signs it also brought with it a new font style, Trebuchet MS. This font is sans serif and considered to be more modern.

Coldwell Banker Open House Signs

Many agents working for Coldwell Banker missed the old font. After reviewing the issue Coldwell banker now allows for either sign to be ordered in either font, making it the decision of the real estate agent or the local manager.

For extra exposure as a Coldwell Banker agent you can opt to have your color photo printed on your real estate sign. It will be featured prominently next to your name and phone number. Photographs can also be printed on Coldwell Banker riders. For best results make sure that you have a high quality, professional photo that makes potential buyers feel welcomed.

There are over 10 different varieties of real estate signs that are available for Coldwell Banker agents. They vary from the traditional agent sign to riders and open house signs. This wide variety of signs is all available at Reichert’s Signs, Inc. Each sign comes printed with the utmost quality and comes in a variety of options such as material upgrades. There are also discounts for purchasing signs in bulk.

Having your for sale properties clearly marked is important, you never know when a passerby will turn into a buyer. Once your real estate yard sign is established it is time to move on to issues such as lock boxes and open houses but don’t forget the importance of signage on your vehicle and banners. Signs will improve your sales rates and your identity as a realtor.

Click on any image below to view available material options and personalize your sign template.

Please Note: Our sign templates come with personalization depending on the layout you choose. Because our templates are pre-printed, they cannot be altered. Your sign will be designed and produced exactly as it appears in the template style chosen.

If you would like something other than the template styles shown below, go to our custom signs page here

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