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Mar 22 2018

College of Nursing – University of Illinois at Chicago

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Academic Catalog

College of Nursing

Contact Information:
Campus Location: 118 College of Nursing (NURS)
(312) 996-7800

Dean, Terri E. Weaver
102 NURS
Student Services and Academic Advising: Office of Academic Programs, Fifth Floor, NURS
Departments: Biobehavioral Health Science; Health Systems Science; Women, Children and Family Health Science


The College of Nursing is recognized as one of the top colleges of nursing in the country and is internationally renowned for its nursing leadership. Exciting and challenging opportunities are available for capable, dedicated, and caring individuals who will be future leaders in healthcare. The University of Illinois School of Nursing was founded in 1951 and became the College of Nursing in 1959. The College of Nursing is located in close proximity to the Colleges of Applied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, and the School of Public Health. The libraries and scientific and clinical resources make up one of the largest medical centers in the world.

The College of Nursing offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing; the Master of Science, the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Nursing Practice with entry at the post-baccalaureate or post-master’s level. In addition, the college offers a pre-licensure program of graduate study leading to a Master of Science degree in nursing. The Graduate Entry Master of Science program is specifically designed for students who hold baccalaureate degrees in other fields and want to pursue a master’s degree in nursing. In addition to the Chicago campus, the college has five regional sites within the state: Peoria, Quad Cities, Rockford, Springfield, and Urbana. The traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is offered at the Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana sites. The graduate entry master’s program is offered at the Chicago and Urbana sites. The PhD program is offered only at the Chicago site. The Master of Science and Doctor of Nursing Practice are offered at all sites. The RN/BSN program is offered online through UIC Extended Campus.

Undergraduate Study in Nursing

The College of Nursing undergraduate program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The curriculum is divided into three levels: foundation, middle, and terminal. The foundation level, freshman and sophomore years, includes those lower-division non-nursing courses that represent the basic learning necessary for the completion of the course of study. The middle level, junior year, includes most upper-division courses that prepare the graduate as a nurse generalist. The terminal level, senior year, represents those upper-division, senior-level courses at the end of the nursing program that synthesize previous learning.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing provides students with the basic nursing preparation and eligibility to apply for the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). For students who are already licensed registered nurses and wish to further their education, the college offers an RN/BSN completion program (offered through UIC Extended Campus).


College of Nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). The college holds membership in the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).


Applications to the BSN program are accepted for fall admission only. Students are admitted to the college in one of three ways:

  1. intercollege transfer student;
  2. transfer student; or
  3. Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA) student. Information on the application process and deadlines can be found at .

Applications to the RN/BSN program are accepted year-round; information on the application process and deadlines can be found at .

Admission Requirements

Students applying to the BSN program must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. 2.75/4.00 cumulative transfer grade point average
  2. 2.50/4.00 natural science grade point average
  3. Completion of all pre-nursing course work (see Course Requirements—Pre-Nursing Studies ) with a grade of C or higher prior to enrollment. Applicants must have all BSN prerequisite courses, with the exception of the Upper Division Elective prerequisite, completed by the end of the spring semester before the start of the program. The five natural science courses (human anatomy and physiology I and II, microbiology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry/biochemistry) must be completed by the end of the spring semester before the start of the program and must have been completed within seven years of enrollment.

Pre-nursing course work can be completed at UIC through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or at another college or university. Applicants can view information about course equivalencies and how courses transfer to UIC and the College of Nursing at See the Office of Admission Transfer Guide for more information about transfer admission requirements.

In addition, all students will be required to have a background check and drug test upon admission. If the results of either requirement indicate that a student would not be eligible for placement at the college’s practicum agencies, the student’s admission will be rescinded.

RN/BSN Program

In addition to meeting the admission requirements listed above, students applying to the RN/BSN program must have a current RN license. Students who apply for admission directly from a non-baccalaureate nursing program must take the NCLEX-RN licensure examination at the first opportunity after graduation and present the RN license to the college prior to enrollment. Failure to pass the NCLEX-RN examination will result in cancellation of admission.

Students who have graduated from a state-approved associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) program and who hold a current license as registered professional nurse will receive 33 semester hours of proficiency credit. The credit will be awarded upon successful completion of NURS 212 and NURS 242 in the RN/BSN program.

First Year Student Admissions

The College of Nursing does not admit first year students to the BSN program because two years of college level prerequisite courses are required. Those seeking admission to UIC as first year students should first apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and designate their major as undeclared. Students can list Pre-Nursing as their educational goal. Those seeking admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) as first year students should apply to either the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the College of Applied Health Sciences, both of which provide an advising track for students interested in several health professions. More information on admission to UIUC can be found at .

Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA)

The Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA) gives academically talented freshman applicants the opportunity to be admitted to UIC with admission guaranteed to the College of Nursing BSN program if undergraduate course and performance criteria are met. For more information, please see the Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions information in the Admissions section of this catalog.

Degree Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UIC, students need to complete the degree requirements of the university and college that are in effect at the time of initial registration. It is essential for each student to become familiar with the degree requirements stated in this catalog and to keep up-to-date with published changes. If requirements change, continuing students and those whose attendance at UIC has been interrupted for no more than two years may elect to complete the new graduation requirements or may continue to fulfill those requirements in effect at the time of initial registration. Students who return to UIC after an absence of more than two years are responsible for meeting the requirements of the university and college in effect at the time of reenrollment. If courses originally required are no longer offered, the college has the prerogative of specifying substitutes.

Note: The college retains the right to change educational policy and graduation requirements at any time. This may affect currently enrolled students’ standing.

Semester Hour Requirement

The College of Nursing semester hour requirement for graduation is 120 semester hours. UIC students complete the first two years of the program in Pre-Nursing Studies through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. If admitted to the College of Nursing, students complete the final two years in the Nursing curriculum. See Preprofessional Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section of the catalog for more information on Pre-Nursing.

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