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Sep 30 2017

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Security Systems Training for Corporations Government Agencies

Proper training is critical to the security mission. Security professionals and managers with security responsibilities must continually improve their own knowledge of effective methods and techniques. They must also be familiar with current technology so they can evaluate security products and coordinate their effective use in supporting corporate security philosophy and procedures. Security officers must also receive periodic training. Not only does training improve officer performance, it demonstrates a commitment to investing in your officers and the value of the services they perform. More specialized training allows officers to perform tasks that they might not ordinarily perform. Officers can evaluate systems operation, make suggestions, and handle situations that their basic training may not have prepared them for.

Effective training is difficult to find. Much of the security training that is offered is specialized in nature and may be provided by a specific product manufacturer for a specific product. Other training may be too generalized, with only a small portion being relevant to the actual needs. Often, training must take place at a distant location, forcing a choice between incurring the expense of sending several individuals or sending just one or two to be trained. The risks of training only one or two individuals are obvious. The security training offered by SMC is more productive, more cost-effective, and more available than most other training programs.

SMC training is:

  • Suited to the needs of security professionals, managers, security officers, and system operators.
  • Modular in nature, allowing training to be scheduled more easily.
  • Detailed enough to keep interest and teach concepts effectively.
  • Available at the client location or at our corporate offices.
  • Customizable to meet your specific training needs.
  • Accepted for fulfilling many professional CEU requirements (selected courses only.)
  • Taught by qualified security professionals and system designers.

Please take a moment to review our standard courses to see what we mean. If you do not see the course you are looking for, contact us to see if we can customize a course just for you!

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