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Jun 24 2017

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This is by far the most common and cost effective way to transport a vehicle. An open carrier is similar to the trucks on the highway, and you will see a load of cars on a trailer with open sides. However, since the cars are exposed to natural elements, they risk certain types of damage such as debris from tires, sand rocks, and salt (during the winter). The season also needs to be considered as hail, snow, and sleet can also come into play at certain times of the year. In most cases your vehicle will arrive in the exact condition as when it was picked up. To put your mind at ease, many car dealerships use open transport to deliver their brand new vehicles. Also keep in mind our carriers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


Your vehicle will be transported door-to-door or to a designated location of your choice on a completely enclosed trailer. An enclosed car carrier provides the ultimate protection for any vehicle that should not be exposed to inclement weather extremes and potential road hazards. This option is typically used to transport luxury and classic automobiles or motorcycles and costs significantly more than an open transport.

Whether you need your vehicle shipped overseas or just across the border into Canada we can help you. International auto shipping is a more complex issue than sending a car across the country but we can provide the reliable and affordable service you need to safely see your car to its destination. You will need a company with the experience and knowledge on how to manage your international vehicle shipment and Dependable Auto Transport has years of experience shipping internationally.

We don t just transport cars; we also transport your boat, trailer, RV, motorcycle, scooter, truck, jet ski, and more.


We will need general information on the vehicle (year, make, model) and whether it is operable or inoperable. We will also need the pickup location, the delivery location, and the individual(s) who will be at each location to account for the vehicle. You will be asked for the dates you want to reserve and a payment method for the deposit required by every company in order to book your vehicle for shipment.

You will need to clean the vehicle out on the inside and wash the outside so the inspection reports are easier to conduct. Next, remove all personal belongings except those approved beforehand to be secured and stowed away in the trunk. Make sure the vehicle only has between 1/8 and ¼ tank of fuel.

You will need a person designated beforehand at the pickup location if you are not personally available. This designated person will be there to assist the driver with the pickup and signoff on any required paperwork. You will also need to provide a set of keys to the driver to ensure they are able to load and unload the vehicle. The keys will be returned to you when the car reaches its destination and will only be used to load and unload the vehicle from the trailer.

We will need several different ways to contact you so you can track the progress of your vehicle throughout the entire route. This contact information is also needed in case something happens during transport that could cause delays or allow the vehicle to be delivered earlier than the planned arrival time.

As with the person who is there for vehicle pickup, this person will assist the driver with the delivery of the vehicle and to ensure it is delivered in the same condition it left in and to sign off on paperwork to show the job is complete. If payment is due, this person will also provide the necessary funds at this time.

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