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Jun 12 2017

DTTT Travel Start-up Pitches – Conferences – WTM London #air #travel

#travel start

#DTTT Travel Start-up Pitches

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#DTTT Travel Start-up Pitches

5 Nov 2015, 10:15 – 12:15

Travel Tech Theatre TT390 – Sponsored by Frosmo

Language: English (United Kingdom)

Back for the second year running, the #DTTT is bringing some of the leading travel start-ups to come to you.

Hosted by Nick Hall, founder of the Digital Tourism Think Tank with trusted start-up advocate Alex Bainbridge as his stage critique, prepare yourself to vote (yes, live voting!) and decide which travel start-ups are worth a go!

Nich Hall. DTTT, CEO and Founder

Alex Bainbridge, CEO, TourCMS

Kevin May. Editor Co-founder, Tnooz

Anhel Alickovic. Business Development, JustPark

Kalle Viira. CMO, CoFounder,

Isaac Mizrachi, Director of Tourism, City of Tel Aviv

David Llewellyn. EMEA Head of Marketing – Hailo

Mike Herrmann. President Founder, TourConnect

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