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Oct 17 2017

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Fairfax Criminal Lawyer | Virginia DWI Attorney Successful results since 1991

YOU ARE PROBABLY HERE BECAUSE you or a loved one is in hot water with a criminal case a felony, misdemeanor. or DWI/DUI. If so, your battle has just begun, to find the best possible way out of a challenging situation.

It is time to get the right criminal defense lawyer for you. Your next court date is around the corner. The police already know what they are going to say in court, and the prosecutor will work in tandem with the police. Who is on your side? Fairfax. Northern Virginia criminal lawyer Jon Katz is a battle -tested criminal defense trial veteran. fighting as a team with you at every turn. Jon will never judge you. Your political views, job, and favorite sports teams matter little to Jon. All that matters is that you need first-rate criminal defense.

Jon gets right to work for the showtime of each of your court dates. From the get-go, you will get a quick reply to your phone calls and emails, and a meeting with Jon. Jon personally defends each client, backed up by his two experienced, caring and fully committed assistants Lori and Natasha .

LIKE LIVE TELEVISION, YOUR CASE HAS TO BE PRESENTED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Since 1991, Jon has battled for justice for thousands of criminal defendants. Virtually Jon s entire law practice is criminal defense, in Northern Virginia. He does this work because he loves his clients and the battle, relishes the victories, and demands justice and civil liberties in a system fraught with too much injustice. With criminal defense, Jon knows he is on the side of the angels.

If you are charged with a crime, your case is neither too big nor too small for Jon. All that matters is that it is your case, and your liberty, reputation and possibly even livelihood on the line. When you hire Jon, you have the peace of mind that he always is on your side, doing what it takes to obtain the best possible outcome.

Jon will always be ready to go to trial with you. Any negotiations are from a position of battle-ready strength. No matter how tough the fight might look at first blush, Jon focuses on disintegrating the obstacles and finding and building on the possibilities.

This is your case and only your case. Jon is here for you and you alone.


Aw sh*t may be one of the first responses to being arrested for a crime. But in reality, your battle has just begun. And fortunately, we are in a nation that affords many more rights and possibilities for victory for criminal defendants than in most of the rest of the world. Don t turn your back on those possibilities.

Judges are generalists who are obligated to move cases along. Prosecutors and police have their own agendas. Your criminal defense lawyer is your only true friend in the courthouse, hopefully supplemented by the support of your friends and family, but even if they seem to abandon you, you need a lawyer who will stick with you throughout your case.

Fighting for criminal and DWI/DUI defendants and the Constitution is a calling that Fairfax, Northern Virginia criminal defense lawyer Jon Katz relishes. Jon does it not as the most lucrative way to earn an attorney s living, but because he knows what it is like to be accused (having stood up to trespassing public school teachers from early on), believes strongly in this path, loves the work and the interaction with his clients, and most importantly loves winning .

Our clients are what we are all about . Therefore, we work tirelessly to deliver them our best service, using all our jury trial and bench trial experience, skill, caring, and resources to help our clients win. We do our best to help our clients go on with their lives as we work on their behalf. We welcome our clients ideas, inquiries and teamwork. We work with our clients as a united front against our opponents and against injustice, and are happy for our opponents to know that we are prepared for battle and fearless to go to battle. We know that honey catches more flies than sandpaper, but also know that nothing beats being fully armed to battle in court for justice for our clients.

The first time you meet Jon Katz, you will know that he is fully devoted to you.

Are you ready to pursue victory in your case?

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz focuses on your best defense. He will work closely with you to develop and pursue a tailor-made battle plan focused on obtaining the best possible results for you.

The fight for victory in your criminal case calls for hard and smart work, relevant experience, strategy, cunning, and teamwork. Jon s clients reviews speak for themselves, backed up by his over two decades of experience defending over three thousand criminal defense and DWI clients.

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