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Sep 30 2017

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Pest Control Flemington, NJ

Insects and Rodents

The Flemington area is well known for its diverse agricultural heritage which attracts many occasional insect invaders that look for harborage spots in and around our structures.

In the fall, rats and mice problems are very common in our area. We offer a range of products and solutions that will protect your property from problems with rodents.

Call us at 908-782-0545 to set up an appointment with one of your local technicians for expert rodent control advice.

Bed Bug Control in Flemington, NJ

Bed bugs have made quite a comeback in recent years. At one point, in North America, they were almost wiped out. That is not the case anymore, and they are harder to find and get rid of than ever before. If you wake up in the morning and see small red bite marks on your arms, legs, torso, neck or anywhere, you could have bed bugs.

Ehrlich Pest Control in Flemington, NJ has an experienced team of bed bug control specialists. We can find where bed bugs hide, look for the signs to confirm an infestation, then we work with you to create a treatment plan to get rid of the insects at all life stages.

Don’t let your sleep be disrupted and stop the biting by contacting Ehrlich for a free property inspection.

Wasp Control Flemington, NJ

Wasps like to build their nests in the worst possible places. They will build them under eaves, in the corners of windows, around decks and other structures on the property than can put them into direct contact with you or your family. Since wasps will defend their nests vigorously, disturbing them can bring about a swarm of insects that can repeatedly sting.

Trying to take care of a wasp’s nest on your own can be very dangerous and put you and your family at risk. That’s why it’s best to let professionals like the wasp removal experts at Ehrlich who are trained to use the right treatment methods to completely eliminate wasp’s nests.

Contact us today and tell us about what insects you’re seeing and where you are seeing them and an Ehrlich representative will schedule a property inspection. We will discuss wasp treatments, too!

Expert Pest Control Solutions in Flemington

We are a full service company, including termite control and bat exclusion work.

We offer solutions for a variety of pests such as our newest overwintering troublemaker: stink bugs .

Residential customers can defend their homes against the 36 most common pests 365 days a year with our pestfree365 Plan .

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