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May 30 2017

Get Better Credit – How To Make My Credit Score Go Up Fast #credit #consolidation

#get my credit score

Get Better Credit – How To Make My Credit Score Go Up Fast

By. Darin Sewell

Chances are pretty good you are reading this article because you have asked yourself this question,”how to make my credit score go up fast and get better credit?” You probably have also found a lot of information on the subject and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Well relax and read this short article as it is going to lay out a three pronged approach to rebuilding your credit scores!

The First Step

The first step in making your credit score go up is to determine the reason why it is bad in the first place. Generally it will be from late payments, maxed out credit cards ,excessive credit inquiries and other irresponsible behavior. The best way to accomplish this is to buy and examine a copy of your credit report. Once you determine why it is bad you need to develop a plan and a budget to keep from making the same mistake twice!

The Second Step

Next, find the items on your credit report that are pulling your credit scores down and put them into a list, organize the list with the oldest accounts at the top of the list. You are going to be using this list to dispute these negative accounts with the credit bureaus through dispute letters. When they get these letters they will launch an investigation with the original lender and ask them to verify the information.

Why This Is Important

Disputing information can get it removed if the lender fails to answer the credit bureaus or does not provide data to back up the information. You are starting with the oldest accounts because they are the easiest to get removed! This process is called credit repair and if you are unfamiliar with it you really need a Good Self Credit Repair Kit to guide you through the entire process.

The Third Step

You will also need to re establish yourself and your credit history and develop a foundation from which you can build your credit future from. While it can be hard to get approved for new accounts with a low credit scores, it is not impossible, in fact its easy if you use Secured Credit Cards. These are credit cards with a limit of a few hundred dollars that will give you positive credit history. The only catch is you have to give the lender a security deposit equal to the limit, this deposit is what makes the account easy to get and it is refundable if you close the account!

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