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Jun 25 2017

Giving to charity: Information for donors #charities, #donors, #individuals, #general #public, #administrative #page, #canadian #charities,


Giving to charity: Information for donors

Video: How do I choose the right charity?


  • List of charities and other qualified donees
    Search the online list of Canadian charities and other qualified donees.
  • Making a donation
    Learn who can issue official donation receipts, what types of gifts qualify, how to donate wisely, and how to avoid fraud.
  • Claiming charitable tax credits
    Learn how to calculate and claim your charitable tax credits, and what records you need to keep.
  • Donating to help victims of a disaster or other emergency
    Questions and answers to help Canadians donate for disaster relief.
  • Videos and recorded webinar
    A video series and a recorded webinar about how charities are regulated in Canada and how to donate wisely
  • About registered charities
    Learn about the regulation of registered charities, how they differ from non-profit organizations, and what they must do to keep their registration.
  • Questions and answers
    Find answers to questions about donating to registered charities.

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