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Jan 30 2018

Help Desk Benchmarks: Spending, Staffing, and Operational Metrics: Help Desk Statistics for Management

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As organizations adopt new devices and applications, the IT help desk is under pressure to support a wider array of technologies. Adding to the pressure, the help desk must deliver these services in a cost-effective manner, while maintaining high levels of user satisfaction.

How can IT managers know whether their help desk organizations are satisfying these objectives?

This study is designed to help technical service managers benchmark their organization s help desk against those of other IT organizations to establish a baseline of help desk statistics, identify gaps in cost and productivity, and improve help desk operational effectiveness.

The metrics we benchmark in this study include help desk spending metrics, help desk staffing ratios, operational help desk statistics, and help desk cost information.

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The study includes four chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Executive Summary: Chapter 1 provides an overview of the contents and organization of the study and basic demographics of the help desk study participants.
  • Chapter 2, Composite Benchmarks: This chapter includes help desk benchmarks for all geographic regions, based on the sample of 134 organizations from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and other regions.
  • Chapter 3, Help Desk Benchmarks by Organization Size: Many helpdesk statistics are dependent on organization size. In this chapter, we divide the sample into small and large organizations and provide helpdesk statistics for each group.
  • Chapter 4, Help Desk Benchmarks by Region: We are publishing the study in two editions. Depending on which edition you purchase, Chapter 4 provides benchmarks or organizations based in the U.S. and Canada or for organizations based in Australia and New Zealand .

Each chapter presents three sets of benchmarks and demographic information on the sample used in the chapter. The benchmarks and demographics are as follows:

Helpdesk Spending Metrics

  • Help desk budget line items as a percentage of help desk budget, including personnel, outsourcing, training, telecom fees, technology, facilities, and other expenses (averages)
  • Personnel spending as percentage of help desk budget (percentiles)
  • Help desk spending per user (percentiles)
  • Help desk spending per PC (percentiles)
  • Help desk spending per incident/ticket (percentiles)
  • Help desk personnel budget per help desk employee/manager (percentiles)

Helpdesk Staffing Metrics

  • Help desk staff mix (averages)
  • Users per Level I help desk staff member (percentiles)
  • Users per help desk employee (percentiles)
  • PCs per Level I help desk staff member (percentiles)
  • Percentage of help desk staff time spent resolving incidents (percentiles)

Helpdesk Operational and Cost Metrics

  • Average daily call volume per help desk representative (percentiles)
  • Percentage of incidents opened by channel, including phone, email, self-help, and other channels (averages)
  • Cost per incident/ticket (percentiles)
  • Percentage of incidents resolved at each level, including self-help, Level I, Level II, Level III, and on-site (averages)
  • Percentage of incidents resolved at Level I (percentiles)
  • First-call resolution rate (percentiles)
  • Number of users, percentage of users who are employees, help desk operations budget, average daily tickets, and percentage of positions outsourced (percentiles)
  • Number of help desk employees (percentiles)
  • Percentage of respondents from United States/Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and Middle East/Africa/South America
  • Percentage of respondents from manufacturing, financial services, professional and technical services, government, healthcare, retail and wholesale distribution, and other sectors

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