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Oct 10 2017

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Why isure Gives You High Risk Auto Insurance That’s All About You

Most Competitive High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes

Best High Risk Insurance Rates

Sometimes despite best intentions, people fall through the insurance cracks. Multiple accidents, administrative errors, license suspensions, frequent claims or even a small set of speeding tickets or traffic tickets can unfortunately all put you into insurance jeopardy. place you in high risk insurance category and requires you to get a High Risk Auto Insurance .

At isure, we believe honest people with bruised insurance records deserve a second chance.

For many of the country’s big insurers, their answer will always be ‘No”. We don’t think that’s right and that’s why we offer the largest range of High Risk Auto Insurance Companies of any insurance provider across the country. Let’s make sure you are covered and stay on the road while your driver record recovers to normal status again.

Compare high risk auto insurance quotes right now. Simply click on the Get a Quote button, and then go to the “Auto” tab to start your quote.

isure’s high risk auto insurance advice

All you need to know about high risk driver insurance

One of the toughest things to live with if you’re a driver is being high risk. The classification results in higher premiums, tougher restrictions, and fewer options. Naturally, the classification is a result of your own doing BUT it does not need to be the end of the world. You can still find cheap high risk insurance as a high risk driver and one day remove the classification. At isure, we believe honest people deserve a second chance. In this article, we’ll be answering as many high risk driving questions as we can.

How to mange your high risk driving insurance

As a leader in the high risk driving insurance market in Ontario, isure helps people like you. We know that living with a high risk driving record can be stressful. That’s why we find affordable high risk insurance rates and help you manage your high risk driving insurance. We make ourselves available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about high risk insurance. It’s our hope that together, we can get you on the path to risk-free driving!

Common Types of Accidents and High Risk Auto Insurance

Most accidents occur due to the negligence of the driver or negligent care for the vehicle. These accidents can be avoided!The more accidents you are involved in,the more your auto insurance rates might be. Worse still, you could become listed as a high risk driver. High risk auto insurance is generally more expensive harder to obtain than normal auto insurance.

High Risk Insurance after a DUI

One of the most common reasons to be labeled a high risk driver is if you have been issued a DUI. Finding cheap high risk insurance after a DUI can be difficult. Many insurers do not work with high risk drivers, and the ones that do are sometimes difficult to find. It’s why you should request a high risk insurance quote through isure. We have access to dozens of the top insurers in Ontario, including ones that will insure a driver after a DUI.

Impact of at fault accident on auto insurance

If you have been in an at fault accident, you may have questions about what that means for you. Will your insurance premiums go up? Will I become a high risk driver and need a high risk auto insurance? What about accident forgiveness? And how does an insurance company determine who is at fault in an accident? With two or more at fault accidents on your record, you are likely a high risk driver. High risk insurance is offered by fewer insurers than general insurance providers.

Top reasons why you should use an insurance broker

Insurance brokers are intermediaries that negotiate deals with many different insurance companies. As they have access to many insurance providers, they can find many options to get you the best coverage at the best price. Insurance providers calculate rates based on a variety of conditions. They include age, location, insurance needs, and many other factors. Instead of having to contact each of them, an insurance broker checks them ALL and reports the best. That, is reason enough to be using insurance brokers for all your high risk insurance needs.

Cancellation for non-payment and high risk auto insurance

Non-payment or failure to pay is one of the most immediate ways to have your insurance policy canceled. A non-payment can also result in your insurance premiums going up. If you have any combination of the following, you could be labeled a high risk driver. These include: non-payments, driving tickets, at fault accidents or many claims. High risk insurance costs more than regular insurance, sometimes up to 5 times as much.

Speeding tickets and high risk insurance

You will become a high risk driver if you are in many accidents and/or have received many driving tickets. As the name suggests, insurance companies label someone a high risk driver if they show a higher risk than other drivers. If you are considered high risk, your access to cheap auto insurance is limited. Instead, you must seek out high risk auto insurance. High risk insurance premiums are higher than regular auto insurance .

isure High Risk Auto Insurance means:

Guilt-free Quoting Process

We will aggressively shop your insurance needs across the widest set of insurers with the respect you deserve.

Same Day Policies

Often, you may need to get back on the road right after an insurance non-renewal or driver conviction, we will turnaround policy coverage quickly for you.

Expert isure Broker Advice

We will welcome you and give you the best advice on when and how to get back into a cheaper, low-risk insurer coverage as you rehabilitate your bruised driver record.


We will seek the largest number of insurance discounts on the market to save you money! Our competitive bidding process also saves you money with no sacrifice on coverage.

Responsive Claims

No problem. Claims response is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your claim started immediately!

Personalized Attention

Your personal and dedicated isure brokers are there when you need them. You can call, chat, or email and we ll be available for you. You can even schedule an in-person meeting. It s completely up to you!

isure’s High Risk Auto Insurance options:

Prove to the insurers that you are a safe driver and join our isure Telematics program that monitors and improves driver behavior. Click here to learn more about isure s Telematics program .

  • Safety Discounts
    We’ll look for discounts by advising you on options of driving a vehicle of lesser value, applying aftermarket safety equipment or taking driver education classes in return for savings.
  • Speak to a High Risk Insurance Broker
    You can call us 24/7 and toll-free at 1-877-514-7873. Our auto insurance brokers will search Ontario s insurance marketplace. We ll find car insurance policies that suit your needs, and discounts that are available. We ll then provide you advice and guidance on coverage and the process of setting up your high risk auto insurance.
  • Compare Quotes Online
    Compare high risk auto insurance quotes to find the best high risk insurance rates by clicking on Get a quote button !

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