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Feb 28 2018

Hosted Predictive Dialler

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We’ll help you communicate using Hosted VoIP

Great Services Backed by Support you can Rely On

Every Hostcomm solution is backed by trained experienced
VoIP communication specialists, ready to help you every step of the way.

If you are thinking about making the move to VoIP, or you’ve already made the move, we’ll help clear a smooth path for you. Our service levels agreements ensure you receive the support you need, as fast as you require it and within your budget. Our web-based ticketing system ensures clear problem resolution protocols and escalation procedures. You’ll have full visibility of our progress, and reassurance knowing that we are at the end of a phone line. Discover more about how we put our customers first.

Reliable VoIP Services from an Advanced VoIP Service Provider

High Security Against Fraud

Hostcomm is a VoIP service provider with multiple security measures to protect against fraud, locking out unauthorised use of our business VoIP service. We can even help you protect your PBX.

High Resilience

Enjoy continuous connectivity and calls. Hostcomm peers with multiple Tier 1 carriers and can continue terminating calls seamlessly with little downtime in the event of a carrier route failure.

Business quality VoIP

We route calls by peering directly to UK tier 1 carriers, so you can talk clearly over high quality connections using our HD voice technologies.

High Service Availability

Softswitches in multiple UK locations ensures latency is kept to a minimum and that CLI is presented correctly to the person you are calling.

About Us

Hostcomm provides hosted telephony and contact centre solutions to businesses based on VoIP technologies.


Resilient communications backed by experienced professionals and a service level agreement that delivers the guarantees you require.


We make it simple and quick to purchase what you require. From prepaid calling time to VoIP hardware and lines, it’s in our store.


Watch our instructional videos and see how easy it is to use our VoIP technologies. Discover what they can do for you.

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