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Aug 2 2017

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Every dying pet deserves a plan. Consider these inspiring case studies and tips for to illustrate the power you have in veterinary medicine to help pets live longer—with a better quality of life—for days, week or months on their path to a peaceful death.

That’s your veterinary team and a good client questionnaire. Hear all about it from pain management specialist Dr. Michael Petty.

Elizabethan collars are so four centuries ago. Is it time to step into the present with these new takes on the old solution to post-treatment patients biting or scratching themselves?

The cat, which had a history of heartworm disease, presented with rear leg lameness.

New dermatology drugs give veterinarians and pet owners great new options for managing pruritus, but navigating the best use of each one can be tricky. Here’s a guide to using two newcomers effectively.


You know you must keep records each and every time a controlled substance changes hands or is used on a veterinary patient. CVC educator Mary Berg offers this advice to complete DEA form 222 flawlessly.

How you can play a vital role in helping owners make the right choice and ensure a lifelong bond.

Let’s get to the bloody basics of defects in red blood cells, how they can cause anemia and what you (yes, you!) can do about it.

Many cat owners think their full-figured feline freeloaders were made for a life of luxury and ease. Encourage mental and physical exercise with these fast, frugal enrichment ideas.

You need to give an elevator speech to clients about your Fear Free certification. Let us do the talking for you.


Here are the most common conditions Lap of Love hospice veterinarians see in their mobile euthanasia practice—and pointers on how to ease clients and patients down this difficult path.

The last thing you want is to allow a pet to experience or subsist in pain. Take a trip through this photo gallery to make sure your pain detector is set on high and ready to take action.

Pet owners need hospice and euthanasia help in your patients’ rough moments. Brush up on your client communication and manage these exam room and home encounters right.

Toxoplasma and Neospora species”>Fight microscopic monsters—Toxoplasma and Neospora species

These minuscule beasties can wreak havoc across animal species (and your veterinary clients, too). Here are tips to stop ’em.

Over and over again, we veterinarians hear it from our clients: Our pets die better than we do. In many cases, they’re right.

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