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May 28 2017

How to Apply for a Business Credit Card #credit #card #comparison

#apply for a credit card

How to Apply for a Business Credit Card

Business owners today need credit cards specifically earmarked for business expenses. These cards make it easy to monitor spending and track tax deductivle items. Here’s how to apply for a business credit card.

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Choose the Right Card for Your Business

Consider what kinds of purchases you will be making and how you plan to repay the debt you accumulate by using the card. If you plan on financing expensive equipment or other items for your work, choose a low interest card so you can pay off the debt over an extended period. You can deduct the interest on your business income tax form.

Shop and compare before you apply. Collect data about the credit cards you are being offered such as interest rates, fees, benefits and rewards. Compare them to find the best value for your business.

Know how well your card will be protected, especially if you are planning on handing cards out to select employees. You should be familiar with your credit card company’s fraudulent purchase and identity theft policy before you apply.

Look for some fringe benefits when selecting your business credit card. Your card will be best used if you can apply its rewards and discounts to products and services your company already uses, such as airline travel.

Start local and you may find a better deal for your next business credit card. Your existing financial institution probably offers business credit cards to their customers–take advantage of this connection.

Apply Yourself to Use Your Business Credit Card Wisely

Apply for your business credit card by supplying the issuing company with your company’s contact and financial information. If you are a small business owner, you may also need to provide personal financial information.

Have legal documents such as your DBA or employer tax ID handy. These items may be required for your application.

Track what your employees charge by signing up for your credit card’s online account management tools. Many credit card companies offer these services for free.

Keep your business credit in line by limiting the number of cards you apply for and use. Multiple cards may reflect poorly on your business credit score.

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