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Apr 27 2018

How To Find Pre Qualified MLM Leads For Free

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How To Find Pre Qualified MLM Leads For Free

The best kind of mlm leads are pre qualified mlm leads.

Why? Because if they re pre quailified , there is a better chance of conversions to sales right?

Those types of leads tend to be pretty expensive.

I want to show you how I generate my own pre qualified mlm leads for free.

It s called Attraction Marketing . I was first introduced to this concept through a company that I used to be affiliated with. They told me I should buy this book that Mike Dillard had just put out called Magnetic Sponsoring.

Long story short, it was an incredible read.

My big take-away was that it was actually possible to generate my own leads in the first place. That I could build up my own brand and eventually have a flood of pre qualified mlm leads giving me their phone numbers instead of me buying stale lead lists and pounding my local wal-mart.

I then went to work on learning how to use articles and videos in a way that brands me as a leader. I wrote a few articles and posted them online, did the same with some videos and waited for my leads to start pouring in ..

I waited a long time, they did not pour in. It was more like that noise you hear when you turn on a rusty faucet. I was getting a few leads here and there but it was nothing like I had hoped. My problem was that the Internet had shifted and there was more to it now. I needed training and consistency.

In comes my marketing savior, MyLeadSystemPro. A marketing system completely centered around attraction marketing. Here I learned all sorts of things I thought were industry secrets that my selfish up-line was going to take to their grave.

Honestly it was like the sky had parted, I had truly found something that I could learn and implement that made sense. It was spiritual.

But hey that s me, I m a spiritual kind of guy.

Flash-forward a year and I m now generating my very own fresh pre qualified mlm leads everyday.

I consistently get 5 to 10, sometimes 20 leads in a sigle day. I tell you what, I d rather talk to 5 people that just gave me their phone number, than call 100 that may not even answer the phone.

So generating your own pre qualified mlm leads is absolutely the way to go. That s why we get into this industry right? It s the freedom it provides, not so you re sitting on the phone all day, that sucks. If you wanted to do that, you should have just been a telemarketer.

P.S. To get your very own own attraction marketing system to start generating pre qualified mlm leads all day for your business, fill out the form at the top right of the page or click here.

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