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Sep 25 2017

How to Make Your Own Car Website #auto #finance #rates

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Things You’ll Need

Develop a site plan. Include your main information pages or categories and show the relationships between these pages. You can draw a site plan using pencil and paper or using a software drawing package. Plan how users will navigate between the different pages on your site and what content or features are contained on the pages.

Create a graphical design for your car website. Make your design one that will appeal to your intended audience. If your site is devoted to one particular type of car, you may be able to work in colors or graphical design elements associated with that type of car. Keep the graphic design clean and attractive and don’t go overboard with heavy graphics or animated images as these tend to slow down the website and may frustrate your visitors. You can use a blog-style design like that on Jay Leno’s Garage or a traditional portal design such as that on Automobile magazine’s site.

Produce car-related content. Keep your content focused on the pages and categories you came up with in your site plan. Use your site plan as a guide in producing your content. You can produce content pages by hand-coding them in HTML using a text editor such as Notepad. Content management systems like WordPress are also popular options for producing content, especially for novice website developers.

Transfer your content to your website hosting service. For hand-built site pages, you’ll need to transfer your files to your website hosting service using FTP. If you are using WordPress or another content management system, your files are likely already on the server as these types of systems tend to keep the content in a database on the server.

Test your car website. Access your site through an Internet browser as you expect your visitors to do. Make sure the site appearance is correct and that it functions as you intended. Check your hyperlinks and any video or audio content to make sure you can access everything.

Attract new visitors to your website. Promote your car website using traditional search engine optimization techniques, pay-per-click marketing (such as Google AdWords). You may also be able to promote your car website on other car-enthusiast websites.

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