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Apr 30 2018

Instrumentation and Control Technician (Industrial Instrument Mechanic), ITA BC, instrumentation jobs.#Instrumentation #jobs

Instrumentation and Control Technician (Industrial Instrument Mechanic)

Instrumentation and Control Technician (Industrial Instrument Mechanics) install, repair, maintain and adjust instruments used to measure and control industrial processes such as pulp and paper manufacturing and petrochemical production. These types of instruments are typically used for controlling factors like the:flow of things such as gases or liquidstemperature of materials or stages of a processpressure maintained during a processlevel of a material used or created during a process

Classes of apprentice technical training for Levels 1, 2 3 of the Industrial Instrument Mechanic program that begin after January 1, 2017 will be required to sit an ITA Standardized Level Exam. Please see OPSN-2016-022 for full details.

The exam weighting charts are available for the Standard Level Exams levels 1, 2 3 and shows the approximate percentage of weighting per General Area of Competency (GAC).

Program Information

The documents below offer detailed information specific to this program.

  • Program Profile
  • Describes the requirements for apprentices and challengers to earn certification
  • Download (PDF 153.27 KB)
  • Program Outline
  • Guidelines for delivery of technical training at ITA Recognized Training Providers
  • Download (PDF 865.45 KB)
  • Guidelines on Interprovincial (IP) Red Seal Examination
  • Information guide about how to study for the IP Exam including sample questions
  • Download (PDF 1.32 MB)
  • Interprovincial (IP) Exam Table
  • List of tasks that will be tested and number of questions on each task
  • Download (PDF 34.94 KB)

Challenge Certification/Recognize Prior Experience

If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification.

If you sponsor apprentices but have never been certified in Canada, you may request to supervise and sign-off apprentices when they are ready to be certified.

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