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Jul 31 2017

Irvington, NY – Monte Nido #oliver #pyatt #centers


River Towns

The Irvington estate, just north of Manhattan, sits on 11 acres in a park-like setting and includes a historic tavern built in 1687. Like our other residential programs, Monte Nido River Towns offers a state-of-the-art, evidenced-based program, situated in a tranquil home surrounded by nature where clients can focus on recovery and regain a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. The home-like environment provides clients and their families, at all stages of recovery, the necessary setting for real life challenges to take place, such as shopping for food, cooking meals and eating as a family. All of this is necessary to ensure continued recovery upon discharge. At Monte Nido River Towns, clients and their families are handled with the guidance and care of expert professionals, who serve as excellent role models. We provide the individualized treatment that is expected of all of our programs at this residential location.

Program Components

  • Psychiatric and Medical Management and Treatment
  • Evidence based and state-of-the-art protocols backed by a high success rate demonstrated in our outcome study
  • Experienced and dedicated staff that includes recovered professionals
  • A natural environment conducive to healing
  • High amount of individual therapeutic sessions
  • Group therapy that solidifies and establishes other components of treatment
  • Family therapy including individual family sessions, weekly multi-family groups and once a month 2-day family weekend
  • Unique level system that meets the client where she is and re-evaluates the client as she progresses through the program

At Monte Nido Affiliates, our goal is to help make treatment accessible and we are committed to working with families to access care. Monte Nido River Towns is in network with Blue Cross / Blue Shield, BC /BS of NY, Beacon Heath Options and Consolidated Health Plans aka CHP, AGE WELL (NYC Medicad). Please see our Financial Considerations page for more information.

Monte Nido River Towns is Joint Commission Accredited.

A Letter from Monte Nido River Towns’s Clinical Director

At Monte Nido we know you can move past the pain of an eating disorder to live a fully recovered life. Having fully recovered myself, I know first hand that eating disorder behaviors are short-term fixes for emotional pain; their consequences outweighing their benefits. If you are reading this message, it is probable at least a part of you knows the eating disorder behaviors are not working. Using authentic connection and skillful therapeutic strategy, our staff, many of whom are recovered, will work with you to establish a safe environment in which to heal. Our goal is to strengthen the part of you that is yearning to actualize life based on values and connection.

PsyD | Clinical Director

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