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Aug 9 2017

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“Your Case, Our Cause”

People need an ally to stand up against these big insurance companies. Our Firm provides just that. We don’t let our clients get pushed around. To the contrary, we take the fight to the insurance company and if they don’t give our client what they deserve then we go to trial. There simply isn’t time to play games when my clients need medical and financial results.
Personal Injury Attorney B. Clarke Nash

Law Offices of B. Clarke Nash Savannah, GA Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Law offices of B. Clarke Nash, we strive to provide competent, responsive and aggressive representation to the injured. B. Clarke Nash is familiar with how insurance companies handle their claims. Prior to establishing the Firm, Mr. Nash was an insurance defense attorney, and he will use that inside knowledge to your advantage.

Whether your injury occurred in every day life or on the job, rest assured the Firm and its resources will work tirelessly to obtain the recovery you truly deserve. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not offer what you deserve up front, and representation is often required. Once we are on the case, our success rate is quite substantial. Indeed, 90% of our cases are resolved without our clients ever having to step foot into a courtroom.

However, if the insurance company is simply not giving you what you truly deserve, I will take your case to trial. Don t worry about upfront fees either. At the Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don t owe us anything unless we recover for you!

Call now to speak with a Savannah personal injury attorney and arrange a conversation where we can better help you with your case. We are available at (912) 200-5292 .

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