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Jan 31 2018

Medical Hair Restoration Centre

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About Medical Hair Restoration

At Medical Hair Restoration, our team of highly specialised doctors has considerable expertise in the field of helping people through medical hair restoration. As the only clinic in South Africa that treats hair loss exclusively, we’re able to focus on the most successful methods of combatting balding and shedding.

In order to stay at the forefront of our speciality, we keep up to date with the latest international techniques. With visits to overseas congresses, and participation in local conferences, our physicians constantly strive to bring you the most effective treatments.

Lasting Solutions

While hair loss affects most men at some time in their lives, women often suffer from localised shedding. Across genders, balding and thinning locks can be caused by:

• Genetic predisposition
• Skin conditions
• Stress
• Trauma
• Scarring

The good news is that most of these problems are surmountable and, with the right medical assistance, you can regain your crowning glory.

The Medical Hair Restoration Approach

At our clinic, we ensure that our patients get the right advice and treatment for their unique conditions. The hair loss treatments we specialize in give you long term results, and include:

Preventative measures – If you suspect that you’re prone to balding, we can recommend effective medical procedures to boost and support your follicles.

FR-8 therapy – This non-invasive treatment is taking the world by storm as a highly successful way to restore or regenerate hair.

Surgical solutions – Even when patients come to us with completely bald pates, we’re able to help, with consistently successful professional hair transplants.

While it may seem like there’s no hope, we assure you that there is. When you visit us, a specialist will assess your hair pattern thoroughly, and explain your range of options. Moreover, our doctors believe in holistic care, and the services we offer extend from advice and treatment, to follow-up appointments and ongoing support.

As a leading hair loss clinic in South Africa, Medical Hair Restoration is a trusted name in restoration treatments. Let us get to the root of the problem, and help you to enjoy driving with the top down once again. Contact us today.


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