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Sep 30 2017

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Welcome to Metayer Bonding Associates

Call us for Professional Surety Bond Services for Construction Companies throughout Connecticut and across the Northeast!

Welcome to Metayer Bonding Associates

Metayer Bonding Associates is the Largest Privately Owned Surety-Only Agency in the Northeast United States. We offer Surety Bonds for Construction Companies throughout the Northeast with a heavy concentration of clients in Connecticut, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey. Our experience and reputation in the Bonding Industry, along with our Strong Bond Company Relationships, allows us to get more accomplished for our clients. We take great pride in the quality of service provided to our clients. Prompt, professional handling of our clients’ needs is the priority and foundation of our company and why we have maintained an annual Client Retention Level of 99%.

How can you be completely confident that you have the Most Effective Bond Program available in the marketplace today?

Simply put by choosing the most Reputable and Effective Bond Agency to represent your needs.

How do you do this? By inquiring within the industry focusing in on:

Make certain the Owner of the firm is actively involved and is well respected in the industry.

They have a vested interest because their name is on the door and their reputation is at stake.

Make certain they have an extensive background in the Surety Industry.

Have they spent time on the Bond Company side in Local Office and HO leadership positions? This is uniquely invaluable and critical as they will have acquired the rare inside interworking knowledge of how to most effectively manage the process which will ultimately maximize all aspects of your Bond Program.

Relationships are everything in business.

A unique characteristic of a solid Bond Agent is one who has also developed close personal relationships with the key people at each of the Bond Companies. This occurs by the Bond Agent having spent time on the Bond Company side in Local and HO positions and has known and worked alongside of many of the Bond Company Local and Home Office staffs in the business today for years.

Make certain that they have a large base of Surety Company Appointments.

This is important because if your operations experience change, positive or negative, they always have several options to keep you covered. Critical to this equation, going beyond just having appointments with Bond Companies, is that they must have long term, time tested, trusted relationships with each. Call each of their Bond Companies direct for a reference on them.These qualities of your Bond Agent will always get you the benefit of the doubt in any situation to meet your needs the added earned advantage and trust in tough situations. A Bond Agent with losses, legal issues, Bond Company terminations, and who have a poor reputation, no matter the name on the door or their history, will inhibit your ability to get all of your needs met. These are all yellow flags to watch out for.

In House Underwriting Authority provided by the Bond Companies to the Bond Agency.

A testimony to the Bond Companies trust in them. This also provides quick turnaround time on bond issuance and approval.

Power of Attorney to execute all bonds in the Bond Agency s office.

This is critical to maintain control over the delivey of all bonds in house.

Metayer Bonding Associates is extremely proud that we embody, and have earned over the years, all of the above key strengths that will give you confidence that you are in the best hands. Don t take our word for it, call each of our Bond Companies, any of our Clients, CPA firms, and others in the industry for their unbiased opinion of our company. It could mean a world of difference to the long term financial success of your company. Michael F. MetayerPresident CEO

Your Overall Bonding Capacity will be Maximized by Our Proactive Representation

Our core principles of honesty, integrity and hard work have established Metayer Bonding Associates as one of the leading and most respected Surety Agencies in the entire Northeast. As a result, we are able to get more accomplished for our clients. We represent 15 of the most prominent Bond Companies in the country, which provides us with complete market coverage to secure the most effective bond programs available in the industry today.

Your Bond Program will be Handled Flawlessly Allowing You More Time to Spend on Generating Profits

Your time is valuable and so is ours. We keep the day-to-day managing of your bond program streamlined. Our top-notch staff each has in excess of 20 years of experience in the business and is well respected in the Surety Industry. No contractor is perfect all of the time. We remain proactive at all times to smooth out the wrinkles as they occur in order to keep you in excellent standing with your Bond Company.

Superior Advice and Counsel to Assist You in All Facets of Your Business

With our significant involvement in the Construction Industry, we have numerous friends in related disciplines that you will always have access to. These include CPAs, Attorneys, Bankers, Insurance Agents, and Contractors. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.We look forward to working with and for you.

Largest Surety Only Agency In The Northeast

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