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Oct 12 2017

Orange County New Used Refurbished Business Phone System Huntington Beach California #meridian # #phone #system


Norstar Compact 616, Norstar Compact ICS, Norstar Modular MICS 0x32, Flash Voicemail, Callpilot Voice Mail
Phone Systems – New Used and Refurbished
Located in Huntington Beach, Orange County California

Nortel Networks Meridian Norstar Phone Systems, Phones and Voice Mail.

Control Unit or KSU. (Key Service Unit): In smaller business phone systems the control unit is commonly referred to as the brain or phone box . The size of the control unit determines the maximum configuration. Most business phone systems have a number in the name such as Meridian Norstar 616 or Norstar 824 Meridian phone system or the MICS 0x32 . These numbers usually refer to the maximum configuration of the system although not always. The 616 would mean 6 incoming lines and 16 telephones (extensions). The 824 , 8 incoming lines and 24 telephones (extensions). The 824 Meridian phone system is expandable to 56 incoming lines and 56 telephones (extensions) by adding expansion modules. Note: All key business phone systems have music on hold.

Co lines -These are the incoming phone lines from your local telephone company.

Extensions-Stations -These are the actual telephones. They are extensions of the phone system. They look like telephones and work like telephones, But only work with the control unit and will not work if they are plugged into a regular telephone line from the telephone company. So, if you ever move, Don’t forget the control unit.

Voice Mail-Auto Attendant – voice mail systems with the auto attendant is like having a receptionist 24 hours a day without paying labor costs. The auto attendant is an answering service that answers incoming calls with a company greeting, plays a list of options to a caller, and transfers calls to the different departments, then to mail boxes if that extension is not answered, or back to a main directory. The auto attendant can be turned off during business hours and answered manually. The person answering the call can transfer calls to the different departments and mail boxes. The voice mail system is a separate unit from the telephone system. It is wired into an extension port on the telephone system and programmed to answer after a determined amount of rings. Voice mail comes in different sizes 2 ports, 4 ports 6 ports and up, it depends on the amount of incoming traffic your company receives.

Ports. The term port means circuit. For instance, a 2 Port voice mail system has 2 circuits to handle incoming call traffic. The number of ports on a voice mail system is directly related to the number of users that can be in voice mail at the same time. An example, the Norstar Startalk Flash voice mail system has 2 ports and 24 mail boxes and is expandable to 4 ports and 48 mailboxes. The term port is used when describing a telephone system as it refers to the combined number of lines and extensions, an example of this would be the Meridian Norstar Modular ICS with XC software . This telephone system supports up to 272 total system ports, i.e. 100 lines and 172 extensions.

Hunt Group,Rotary Lines – Meaning if line 1 is busy it will roll over to line 2 an on down to your last line. Do not put the fax line in the hunt group, because if all lines are busy the next caller will get the fax machine. When ordering your CO lines from your local telephone company order them in a hunt group, i.e. order 6 lines, put 5 in the hunt group and designate 1 line for the fax machine.

Things to think about before purchasing an office phone system.

Many companies today have purchased telephone equipment just right for their company size only to find out their phone system could not keep up with their company’s growth. Estimating your company’s future growth today may alleviate problems in your telephone system later. These are questions you need to consider when purchasing a new business phone system or refurbished phone system.

Questions to consider prior to purchasing a phone system:

1. What is the maximum number of phones I can have on my business phone system?
2. What is the maximum number of phone lines (co lines) for my phone system?
3. Can I add phone equipment to increase the number of phones or phone lines?
4. Can I add features to my phone system such as voicemail?

Frequently asked question.

Well, I need 4 phones so I must need 4 lines, right? NO! Picking phone lines really depends on the number of calls you receive in a day. How many phones lines will be used at the same time? If you were running a sales office and had 4 phones lines with 4 sales people and all lines were being used, new callers would get a busy signal. You would most likely need 5 to 6 phone lines

� When considering purchasing a new business phone system or refurbished phone system the Norstar system is one of the best phone systems on the market today.

� Nortel Networks the manufacturer of the Norstar phone system has been designing communication systems for over 50 years.

� Norstar phones systems are designed with usability and reliability in mind.

� Nortel�s Norstar phone systems provide you with an expandable system that will support your company’s growing needs.

About the Norstar Phone Systems

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