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Aug 9 2017

Our 20 funniest nursing quotes #cute #nursing #quotes


Our 20 funniest nursing quotes

As a director of a nurisng program. I think that no one should be humilated in from of others. I beleive that the student should be pulled a side and talked to about the incident. Documenting the incident is good to do but I for one and I hope I am speaking for all Directors would like to know about the incident when it happens.
Another thing to remember is that every one makes mistakes but as a nurse our mistakes can hurt others. I am always bothered when a nurse does not feel remorse or is bothered when they do make a mistake. As nurses we can not afford to feel that way you need to look at why the error occurred and ask yourself how can a prevent this from happening again.

With students being the weakest link in the situation, it can still be too easy for them to bear the brunt of the punishment, deserved or not. I can think of any number of reasons where the school or organization working with the school might not, or choose not to evaluate their role in the problem. Documentation of the incidents becomes pointless. Students who haven t graduated can end up expelled, even if only to protect the reputations of those being questioned. However, Grad nurses (those who graduate) are still the most vulnerable in potential bully situations. I remember being expected and pressured to do things as a grad nurse that I was taught was outside of the scope of practice (take orders from doctors, as well as sign of on charts). I stood my ground and refused, but it felt risky when it shouldn t have to have been.I would also say that grad nurses rely heavily on references from their school for their first jobs in the nursing field. Not being able to, as in being labeled a whistleblower in school, has drastic implications.

Sadly, the corporate environment is no guarantee to be free of nurse bullies. One simply needs to be aware of the choices they make, the documentation, and taking steps to protect oneself to survive. Luckily, there are places out there for nurses to work that are fairly balanced, better managed, and show more willingness to self-scrutinize.

Nurses gotta love em! I am a clinical student and i work my ass off and it is never good enough for the instructors. I made a minor mistake, NOBODY got hurt. and my istructor made a major scene and degraded me in from of our clinical class. Thats fine, hope it made her feel superior. What comes around goes around. I admitted to my mistake and apologized, and she still made me write a paper on being human and erring. whatever

Lots of years in Critical Care gives me the experience to say this to clinical student, a new nurse, or an experienced nurse.
Be prepared with every shift for someone in authority to attempt to humiliate you or to make a big scene over a simple error.
Solution: Take 10 deep breaths, long breath in and a long breath out. Be thankful that you are you and not the nurse that is causing distress for another nurse. You are an advocate for all patients, and other nurses do not have to be your friends, and you don t even have to like them.
But you must stand tall. use your heart, learn from the bad experience, never repeat that behavior to any other nurse, especially a student nurse.
Believe me, you can work as a team even under the worst situation, because all Nurses have the patients well being and healing as their goal, they just do not like other nurses. Remember you are the patients voice in a hospital, clinic,or in the community.

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