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Sep 21 2017

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We Have Preparation and Cooking Times of 30 Minutes or Less

The majority of recipes we offer can be both prepared and cooked in 30 minutes or less, from start to finish. A number of them can also be prepared ahead of time and enjoyed later. So you can prepare more than what is needed for a single meal. Then you can use the additional amount the next day or when time is short, with little or no additional preparation time required.

Our Recipes Allow Flexibility and Adjustments

We realize that if our recipes are going to fit your individual tastes, schedule and lifestyle, they can’t just dictate exactly which ingredients you need and the exact amount of each one to use. So for example, if a recipe calls for a variety of vegetables, and you’re missing one, or want to add even more varieties, or somewhat different quantities, you’re free to do so and still produce a good tasting, healthy meal. You also have the flexibility of deciding whether you want a vegetarian dish or not. And once you’ve tried a recipe, you’re welcome to adjust the amount of seasonings you use to best suit your individual taste.

The Recipe Assistant

Are you interested in customizing your search for WHFoods recipes? Then use our innovative Recipe Assistant. With this easy to use tool all you have to do is select foods that you want to be included or excluded (e.g. if you are lactose intolerant, you choose to identify recipes without milk) and it will provide you with a list of recipes meeting your criteria. Also, if you want to identify recipes that feature concentrated amounts of specific nutrients, the Recipe Assistant can do this too. In some cases, we also give you the option of searching for a food in a different form. For example, you can choose prunes, which is a form of one of our featured foods, plums. The same goes for cayenne pepper (a type of chili pepper), coriander seeds (the dried seeds of the cilantro plant), and raisins (the dried form of grapes).

How to Make Multiple Selections

To make multiple selections on the “Foods to Include” or “Foods to Exclude” list, hold down the control key (on a PC) or Apple key (on a Mac) and click on the different foods that you would like to choose. You can make only one selection in the “Nutrients to Require” list.

Over 100 Quick and Easy Recipes

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