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Sep 17 2017

Petty, Define Petty at, what does petty theft mean.#What #does #petty #theft #mean



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petty, shade, and thirst are my favorite human “virtues” and the trifecta of any good series of “stories.”

In no way, he said, did Brown deserve to die for what began as petty theft.

No more cynically cutting opposition candidates out of a district for petty political purposes.

But when the end result is tens of millions raised, do the shades of vanity or petty grudges truly matter?

Sure, you may call this petty, but it really does chap my hide!

What did he care then for Halbert Davis and his petty malice!

Not that in his presence she became vain or petty or jealous; that would have been impossible.

No matter by what petty trials they were caught so that they were really caught.

Now that he was gone there would be nothing but quarrels and petty jealousies.

This kind of petty bribery is, of course, abominable, and should never be countenanced.


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late 14c., “small,” from phonemic spelling of Old French petit “small” (see petit). In English, not originally disparaging (cf. petty cash , 1834; petty officer , 1570s). Meaning “of small importance” is recorded from 1520s; that of “small-minded” is from 1580s. Related: Pettily ; pettiness . An old name for “Northern Lights” was petty dancers .

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