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Sep 18 2018

Primary Care Palliative Care Team, palliative care education.#Palliative #care #education

Primary Care Palliative Care Team

New training dates will be published here when confirmed. Provisional dates may be added sooner to the Palliative Care Education / Training Calendar

  • Dates T.B.C.
  • Breaking Bad News 20/06/17 PDF 84 KB

SAGE THYME A communication model for dealing with people in distress Foundation Level Workshop (3hours)

Two Day Communication Skills Course in Palliative Care

  • Dates T.B.C.

Communication Skills

Advance/Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP)

  • Dates T.B.C.

Advance/Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) and Verification of Expected Death (VoED)Education Training Sessions

  • Dates T.B.C.

Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) and Verification of Expected Death

Palliative Care: Principles of Practice 5 day

  • Dates T.B.C.

5 day course for Registered Nurses working in the Community or Care Home setting

Please note attendees must complete all 5 days of the course. Your Line Manager / Practice Development Nurse should email a note of support confirming attendance for all five days and send to the Primary Care Palliative Care Team. Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of this email.

“Rapport” What makes a good relationship? An education session for all care home staff

  • Dates T.B.C.

CME T34 Syringe Pump Training

  • Dates T.B.C.

Loss, Grief and Bereavement

  • Loss grief bereavement 17/08/17 PDF 41 KB

Palliative Resource Nurses Study Day 24/05/2017

All other presentations resources will be added here after the event.

Palliative Resource Nurses Study Day 25/05/2016

Anne Marie Brown Macmillan Head and Neck Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Diagnosis and Management of Lung cancer PDF 1.8 MB

    Aggie MacKay Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Advances in Chemotherapy PDF 1.7 MB

    Doreen Molloy University Teacher

  • Clinical Trials PDF 1 MB

    Sarah Slater Clinical Research Fellow

  • Pancreatic Cancer PDF 1.4 MB

    Sophie Heriot Upper GI Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Radiotherapy PDF 8.7 MB

    Karen Moore Consultant Radiographer, Beatson

  • Our Team

    The Primary Care Palliative Care Team was established in 2001. All the Macmillan Nurse Facilitators have a background in District Nursing, have undertaken further study in Palliative Care at Post Graduate Level and hold (or are currently working towards) Post Graduate Certificates in Education and Masters in Palliative Care.

    The main remit of the team is to provide training and education to all providers of palliative care services (including out of hours) across NHSGGC, within the community setting. This includes all health/social care colleagues and the GP Facilitator s involvement in GP Registrar training (both ST2 hospital based and ST3 registrars in Practice).

    We promote partnership and collaborative working, sharing knowledge and skills with other agencies and disciplines across all care settings.

    The team is also fully involved in supporting and implementing current initiatives within Primary Care such as the Gold Standards Scotland Framework, the NHSGGC End of Life Care and Living and Dying Well.

    ‘Advanced / Anticipatory Care Planning’ (ACP) and ‘Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation’ (DNA CPR) training will be addressed in the coming year.

    McKinley T34 syringe pump training

    Verification of Expected Death (VoED)

    In addition to mandatory training, the team also provide a raft of educational opportunities for GP’s and community nurses. This is currently based on the NHSGGC action plan for Living and Dying Well.

    • Communication skills in palliative care
    • Symptom management in palliative care
    • Pain assessment and management
    • Ethical decision making
    • Introduction to palliative care
    • Loss, Grief and Bereavement
    • Rapport training

    This education provides regular updates for GPs and staff working within CH(C)Ps. It is aimed at upskilling generalist community nursing staff (both trained and untrained) and is also adapted to meet the educational needs of social care and care home staff e.g. Cordia staff.

    All education provides continuous professional development opportunities and encompasses the principles of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework. The education is provided free or at a minimal cost to cover venue and catering etc.

    The GP Facilitator is currently leading a small multidisciplinary group that is developing the “rapport” programme.

    He is also currently the lead Clinician for NHSGGC Palliative Care MCN.

    One of our Macmillan Nurse Facilitators is the Living and Dying Well Education Champion for NHSGGC (Primary Care).

    The Gold Standards Framework Scotland

    The Gold Standards Framework is a programme to support cancer and palliative care in the community. Essentially it is a simple common sense approach to formalising best standards of care into normal practice. It builds on the good work that many are already doing. Practices have found that it helps improve communication and co-ordination of care within the team, aids proactive planning and raises the profile of carer support.

    Palliative Resource Nurse Network

    The Macmillan Nurse Facilitators have established, supported and maintained a robust Palliative Resource Nurse group within Primary Care. This group consists of 42 experienced community nurses across NHSGGC. The majority of practising clinical district nursing staff have utilised this important resource for a variety of reasons since 2001. The model developed provides an opportunity for professional development for the Palliative Resource Nurses. This initiative has been viewed as a very positive development and has been utilised for disseminating information, research and audit purposes from clinicians both within and out-with Primary Care.

    Macmillan Nurse Facilitators The role of the Palliative Care Resource Nurse (PRN)

    Articles You may have to login to the E-library to access these documents

    • Macmillan nurse facilitators: establishing a palliative resource nurse network in primary care.

    Author(s): Byron S; Moriarty D; O Hara A.

    Reference: International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 2007 Sep; 13(9): 438-444

    Author(s): Moriarty D; O Hara A; Byron S.

    Reference: International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 2007 Jul; 13(7): 334-343

    Author(s): O Hara A; Byron S; Moriarty D.

    Reference: International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 2007 Dec; 13(12): 598-604

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