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Aug 9 2017

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qPCR Analysis Software

Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR Analysis Software is designed to streamline the process of real-time PCR data collection and analysis. CFX Maestro Software features an intuitive interface, statistical analysis tools, and flexible data visualization capabilities. Bio-Rad also offers High-Resolution Melt analysis software and tools to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

CFX Maestro Software for Bio-Rad CFX Real-Time PCR Systems

Real-Time PCR Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Statistics

CFX Maestro Software streamlines the process of real-time PCR and supports the entire process of real-time PCR, including reference gene selection, multivariate experiment setup, statistical analysis, and data graphing.

CFX Maestro Software is available in the following editions:

Software Highlights

  • More qPCR Analysis Software

    For import and analysis of data files generated from all CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems.

  • Include CFX Manager Software, C1000 Manager Software, and the CFX Manager API Reference Guide.

    CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems

    CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems are powerful and flexible instruments featuring 2 5 color multiplexing, advanced optical technology, and precise temperature control with thermal gradients. These systems deliver sensitive, reliable detection of both singleplex and multiplex real-time PCR reactions.

    CFX Instruments feature:

    • Optical design that ensures superior data uniformity
    • Block controls for accurate target temperatures
    • 2 5 color multiplexing
    • Thermal gradient to optimize run temperatures

    CFX Maestro Software What’s Important in qPCR?

    Use this integrated software tool for setting up your experiment, selecting reference genes, performing statistical analyses, and charting your real-time PCR results to create high-resolution publication-quality graphs.

    Dr. Sascha Drewlo uses CFX Maestro Software in his research to investigate the development and role of human placenta in pregnancies by finding intervention strategies and early methods of disease detection.

  • Dr. Arturo Diaz describes his research on understanding single-stranded RNA viral replication and optimizing the CRISPR/Cas9 system to potentially identify targets for future broad-spectrum antiviral therapies.

    CFX Maestro Flier
    (PDF 476 KB)

    Browse the features of CFX Maestro, such as custom data view, reference gene selection, and publication-ready graphics.

  • CFX Maestro Brochure
    (PDF 773 KB)

    Get detailed insights into the key features and functions of CFX Maestro Software.

    Applications Technologies

    Learn about the proper design, optimization, analysis, and troubleshooting of real-time polymerase chain reactions.

  • Find possible causes and treatments for common qPCR problems.

  • Get tips on designing qPCR assay primer and probes, as well as validating and optimizing qPCR assays.

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  • Designed for superior qPCR performance with any detection chemistry on any instrument.

  • PCR tubes, plates, seals, and accessories precisely manufactured for various PCR applications.

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