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Dec 27 2017

Ready Scotland: Preparing for Emergencies, pandemic app.#Pandemic #app


pandemic app

Find out more about how to stay safe in the event of a terrorist attack

Stay safe online

Advice on how to protect yourself from Ransomware and other threats

Be prepared for flooding

Prepare by taking steps to protect yourself and your family.

Are you ready for an emergency?

Make your own emergency plan using our free tool

Take the readiness quiz

Take the quiz and get ready to protect yourself, your home, family and business

Pandemic app

Keep up-to-date wherever you are

Pandemic app

Pandemic app

Pandemic app

Severe weather

If severe weather strikes are you prepared at home, on the road and in your community? It takes just a few simple steps to get ready.

Pandemic app


Flooding can happen at any time of the year, but there are simple things you can do to prepare.

Pandemic app

Loss of utilities

Utility companies in Scotland have contingency plans in place to deal with all kinds of emergencies.

Pandemic app


No one is immune to cyber risks and being constantly connected brings increased threats of fraud and abuse.

Pandemic app


The threat posed by terrorism is real and serious.

Pandemic app

Pandemic flu

If you are concerned about flu-like symptoms you should contact your GP for advice, or NHS 24 on 111

Pandemic app

Teaching resilience in schools

Pandemic app

Community resilience in action – short films

Pandemic app

Saving a life is in your hands

Pandemic app

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