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Jul 31 2017

Structured Settlement Need Cash Now #structured #settlement #need #cash #now

Structured Settlement Need Cash Now

Structured Settlement need cash now is a message I often get in my email from a client. I get these types of messages quite frequently. It is the result of economic and financial conditions that we are all faced with on a daily basis. Sometimes it is because of an emergency situation like medical expenses or even for legal problems where a claimant has gotten themselves in legal problems and needs money for an attorney.

The World of Structured Settlements

Quite often, a civil-suit is settled out of court by the Defendant offering to make a settlement. Either this comes in the way of an offer of a Lump Sum of Cash, or in the form of a structured-settlement. This is when a claimant will receive a set amount of money for a set amount of time.

It could be five years all the way to a whole lifetime. The idea is to provide the injured party with an income stream that is guaranteed. This is usually an annuity that is issued by a highly rated Life Insurance Company. The annuity is a secure as the company that issued it. So if they are highly rated, there is not much of a chance that they will fold.

There is a misconception that a settlement must only be in terms of a fixed amount of money, for a fixed amount of years. Not true. You can be quite creative in designing a structured-settlement plan. Perhaps you would like a lump-sum of cash in the beginning, followed up by the fixed payment schedule, and maybe even a second lump-sum of cash in the future. Can do.

But remember, the proposed settlement must be approved by a Judge, who will only do so if it is the best interest of the Plaintiff and his/her family. The Attorney s for both sides must agree on a plan, and then they will present it to the court. The court will usually approve these plans, unless it appears to be harmful to the Plaintiff.

Why Some People Need Cash Now

The fact is that the only thing that remains constant is change. Nothing stays the same. Is your financial condition the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago? Many people have been hurt by the present, and past, state of the economy. It doesn t matter what your politics are when you can t pay the bills.

If you have a settlement that you can turn into instant cash, you are one lucky person. Many people have nowhere to turn to in a financial crunch. I have clients who had an opportunity to buy into a business, but had no funds. We discussed selling their income-stream from the settlement they had received several years ago.

They sold their settlement at a discount, and made the investment, and today they have a successful business making a healthy profit. There are many reasons why I may get the next email that says: Structured Settlement Need Cash Now.

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