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May 27 2017

Table – Chair Rentals in Los Angeles #conversion #van #rentals

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Chair Rental in Los Angeles

Chairs might just be the most important aspect of any gathering — without a place to sit, guests are forced to either stand or leave. AAA Rents Events  has an incredibly vast and varied selection of chairs to provide your guests with ample seating in comfort, style, and convenience. It’s convenient for hosts as well — we’ll deliver your chairs prior to your event, and pick them up afterwards. We serve all of Los Angeles, CA with top-tier chair rental services.

See some of our chairs below; this is not all, but hopefully you ll see something you like!

natural wood chair 8 table

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As you plan your event, be sure to reserve an appropriate number of chairs for seating. Seating can often make all the difference at large parties or events for the overall comfort and enjoyment for your guests.

How many chairs should be rented?

One way to determine how many chairs you’ll need to reserve is by looking at your guest list – how many were invited? Whether you rely on RSVPs or not, the safest bet is always to accommodate the total number of people invited. If you sent invites to 150 people and offered to let each person bring one guest, the safest estimate for chairs will be 300 (one for each invite and their plus-one). If that seems excessive, try splitting the difference between actual invitations and positive RSVPs.

Other things to consider are the audience of the event (who are your guests?) and the location/time of the event (where will those guests be?). Ask yourself who this event will reach. Is the time and date of the event going to attract a large amount of people? Once these factors are taken into consideration with the local populations of the area, pick an estimated round number.

Renting chairs for a large event is one piece of the entire event-planning puzzle, but simple logic can help make the best choices. If you need help with estimating how many to rent, or if you want some advice on selecting a style for chair rentals in Los Angeles, don’t be afraid to give AAA Rents a call today!

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