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Jun 22 2018

Kenney: Anti-Trump vandalism involving city attorney dumb mistake

#philadelphia #attorney, #julia #terruso # Kenney: Anti-Trump vandalism involving city attorney ‘dumb mistake’ Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor, was identified in surveillance footage that captured Lloyd and a second man walking along Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill on Nov 25. In the footage, Lloyd is seen wearing a blue blazer and holding a glass of wine, filming or taking photos, while a second man spray paints “F— Trump,” on the wall of a newly opened Fresh Market. As of Thursday morning, police said no arrests have been made in the incident and Kenney said Lloyd remains employed with the …

Aug 5 2017

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# Katlin Aas | Harper s Bazaar UK July 2017 Situated off England’s North East Kent Coast, the Isle of Sheppey is the home to [ ] Carson Zehner | Vogue Thailand June 2017 Vogue Thailand began its life as a print and digital publication part of the vast [ ] The Gap was founded nearly a half century ago in San Francisco, California and made [ ] Shujing | Numéro China June / July 2017 Today is the first Monday of June, which means it’s a bank holiday in Paris (Pentecost). [ ] NEW YORK — It was only …