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May 28 2017

Textbook Rentals – The Duck Store #cheap #one #way #car #rentals

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Textbook Rentals

Think course materials are expensive? So do we. Check out our in-store and online rental programs when considering your textbook options.

In-Store Rental Program

Our in-store rentals currently cover about 20% of the titles we offer each term. We are expanding our in-store program each term to offer you more rental options.

If a book is available to rent, there will be a sign posted by the book shelf tag. Simply bring the book to the register when you are ready to check out. When the cashier scans the book, you will be given the option to purchase or rent the textbook.

Review our easy steps to textbook rental:

  1. Read and keep your receipt.  The rental due date and rental terms are stated on your receipt.
  2. Keep the rental sticker on the book.  This will help you remember the due date..
  3. Guard your rented textbook against damage (liquid/food stains, torn pages, spine damage, excessive writing 20%, etc.) and theft.  Keep your rented textbook in good condition to avoid replacement charges.
  4. Return your rented textbook by the due date  to avoid replacement charges. Plan ahead and return your rental after finals, before you leave town.
  5. Bring your Student ID when renting and returning.

Online Rental Program

Rent your course materials online through our textbook rental affiliate and get them delivered right to your door for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new.  When you re done you can send them back with free UPS returns!

Online rental program benefits features:

  • Book rentals are an alternative to buying your books.
  • Rent books for the entire quarter.
  • Enjoy easy returns with free shipping.
  • Extend your rental period if you need to keep the book longer.

Click here to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

A textbook rental program enables you to rent a textbook for a specific amount of time (the rental period) and pay a rental fee. You return the textbook at the end of the rental period. The Duck Store is offering a select number of titles for rent in the store. Most other textbooks may be rented online via our website: Why is the Duck Store offering in-store textbook rentals, in addition to online rentals?

The Duck Store is dedicated to providing affordable course materials to students. Our textbook rental programs provide additional options for students to choose from. How do I rent a textbook in the Duck Store?

If the book is available to rent in-store, a special shelf tag will be posted with the class books. You can then rent that textbook at the register as you re purchasing your other textbooks. You provide a credit card that we keep on file, a UO student ID and your contact information. Detailed rental terms and conditions are printed on your receipt, along with the return due date. What course materials are available to rent?

Each term, a select list of titles is available to rent in the Duck Store; look for shelf tags identifying these titles as you shop. Most other titles are available to rent online through our website: How are rental fees determined? Are rented textbooks cheaper than used books?

For in-store rentals, the average rental price is about 30% to 50% of the publisher s list price of a new textbook. You should compare the used and rental prices carefully before purchasing. If you ll need the book for more than one term, it is often a better deal to purchase the book than to rent it. If I drop a class, can I return my rented textbook for a refund of the rental fee?

Yes, refunds on rented textbooks are accepted through the second week of classes. All other stipulations of the textbook refund policy must be adhered to (e.g. new books must be returned in new condition, etc.). Please review the return agreement at the time of purchase. How long is the rental period?

The rental period is for one term. The end of the rental period will be clearly stated on the receipt, but generally, the rental period will end the Saturday of finals week at the end of each term. Where do I return the rented textbook?

You return your rented textbook in the Book Department on the 2nd floor of the Campus Duck Store. (Your online rentals are returned to our online partner, via their free shipping option). What if I don t return the rented textbook in the same condition as when I rented it?

A rented textbook should be returned in reusable/saleable condition so it can be rented to another student. Highlighting and marking within the book are only acceptable to a limited extent. You are responsible for loss from any cause, including theft, lost components, and damage (e.g. liquid/food damage, spine damage, pages falling out, etc.). If you return the rented textbook in unacceptable condition, you will be charged the replacement cost of the book. Will I get the rental fee back once I return the rented textbook at the end of the rental period?

No, the rental fee is a non-refundable fee paid to rent and use the textbook for the duration of the rental period.

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